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Druidry Lesson 1, Cathbad's What is a Druid

Druidry Lesson 2, Guide to Druidism

Druidry Lesson 3, Guide to Druidism Page Two;

Druidry Lesson 4, Guide to Druidism Page Three


1.  Religious Functions, Druidic Clerics

2.  Sacred Places & Sacred Monuments

3.  Celtic Gods & Godesses (not a typo!)

4.  Rituals of the Ancient Celts

5.  Celtic Religious Beliefs
           * * * * * * * *

6.  Beltaine, Celtic Holy Day

7.  Aurrad: Old Faith in a Modern World

8.  Celts, Karma and Reincarnation

Visit our Order's Manual of Celtic Prayers & Rituals

When is a Celt not a Celt?


Lessons Based on DJ Conway's Book, By Oak, Ash & Thorn: Modern Celtic Shamanism
Oak, Ash, Thorn Lesson 1: The Lost Light

Oak, Ash, Thorn Lesson 2: Shamanism, Ancient & Modern

Oak, Ash, Thorn Lesson 3: Hidden Seeds

Oak, Ash, Thorn Lesson 4: The Challenge

Oak, Ash, Thorn Lesson 5: Empower the Self
    Mini-Initiation, Shamanic "Lesser Initiation"


Order of the Northern Way's Celtic Degrees

Three Proto-Druid degrees
Bardic Degree (this study hall): Praise-givers, lore-readers
Veli Degree (alternate spelling Fili): Seers, poets, priests
Vate Degree:  Astrologers, diviners, sacred mathemeticians/geometers

Three Druid degrees
Druid / Druida
Arch-Druid / Arch-Druida

FREE E-BOOKS OF SACRED CELTIC TEXTS, View on line before downloading

[Image] EXTRA READING: (not required) Scottish and Irish experts on Celtic Shamanism have recommended this book to our School.  They rank it above all others on the topic of Celtic Shamanism: Fire In The Head: Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit, by Tom Cowan.  He also has a new book Yearning for the Wind: Celtic Reflections on Nature and the Soul.  If you click on Fire in the Head you will be able to read nine pages of the book, including the table of contents.

When you have completed ALL the lessons on this page you will be ready for the Greater Bardic Initiation.  Contact Katia, Arch-Druida at the Mystery School for Initiation Preparation Instructions. Put Celtic Bardic Initiation Request in the subject line.

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The Ancient Celts

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The Four Sacred Symbols

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