Homestudy Course Application

Homestudy Course Application

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Psychic Counselors Course

(Courses coming soon: Dream Interpretation Homestudy Course, and How To Become A Professional Tarot Reader)

Half price discount is also granted for members of the same household. The first person pays full tuition and the second person pays half price if both apply at the same time.

Please enter your name exactly as you want it to appear on your Training Certificate.

Do you pledge to use your Counselor/Reader Status for the Service of Humanity?

Member Profile

The following questions are somewhat optional, but we encourage you to answer them because they help us build a picture of you and what has made you the person you are. We can better help you get where you're going if we have a complete profile of you and your spiritual background.

What religion were you raised on?
Do you still practice its ways? FullSomewhat SeldomNever
How does your immediate family feel about your chosen spiritual path? Opposition? Approval?
Payment information:

If you are petitioning for an Ordination at this time, the Ordination fee is reduced to $75.
Please check the box next to the items you are ordering.
Psychic Counselors CourseCheck this box only if you want Rush shipping. Cost varies, depending on where you are.

Payment Methods


Please review your application above and if you are happy with it, click on the button below.(Print this page now before you click "Submit" if you want to keep a copy of this application for your records)

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