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Online Church, Counseling Practice, Spiritual Healing Center
Create an online pastoral counseling practice; use the internet to grow your online or local healing practice, spiritual healing center; get an online or “cyber” Church going, get your wedding chapel going. Earn some income doing what you love.  It can be done.

Religious Degree Programs, PhD, Doctor of Divinity, Theology, Metaphysics, etc.

Become an ordained minister, rabbi or other clergy

and get on with your spiritual career.

Build or Remodel your Website with world’s #1 site building tool that even esoteric non-technical spiritual people like us can use!

Got a book waiting to be “born”?  Write an eBook, publish, publicize and promote it yourself.  Make your knowledge sell.  Write about your favorite spiritual niche topic, or whatever your field of expertise is. Your book is inside you waiting to get out…and bring you some prosperity.
I (Katia) bought this product for myself and LOVE it.  It changed my whole view of self-publishing and writing spiritual, magical, religious books.  I plan to publish an eBook or two very soon using this awesome guide.  And no exorbitant publishers fees…

Make Your Website Profitable!  Or at least make the thing pay for itself. This kit / eBook tells you how to make thousands a month off your website, or just enough to keep it online — whichever you want.  Spiritual websites, counseling and metaphysical websites need to stay afloat, so don’t let the “we’re not supposed to make any money” fear hold you back. Prosperity and abundance keep you helping others, so start turning a profit now, create that stay at home career doing what resonates best with your personality, psyche and soul.