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Ordination Certificate

Item: OrdinationCertificate
Price: US$157.00

One time only donation of $150.00 includes beautiful legal ordination certificate suitable for framing, entry in Practitioners Directory, lifetime reference service, etc.



Item: AdditionalTitle
Price: US$20.00

You may choose to be ordained as two (or more) different titles. You receive totally separate certificates for each ordination title. If you selected a second title on your application (or wish to choose another title now) you must pay for it here.


Wallet-sized Credential Card

Item: OrdinationWalletCard
Price: US$10.00

Your Ordination credentials in miniature, used as a wallet ID card to verify clergy status.


Additional Wallet-size Credential Cards

Item: AdditionalWalletCard
price: $5.00
Description: More than one wallet ID card, if you ordered multiple Ordination titles.


Photo Badge

Item: PhotoBadge
Price: US$20.00

Clergy ID Photo Badge with your passport photo. Comes with lapel / pocket clip (please snail-mail us two passport photos OR email us a digital photo)


Interfaith Minister Manual

Item: MinisterManual
Price: US$31.00

CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT. We are working on getting it back in print. Email us for alternative book suggestions. OR Add to Cart if you want a scanned PDF file of each chapter which we are soon to have available] An Interfaith Minister’s Manual by Angela Plum is a collection of ceremonies, services, rituals, prayers, and vital information from the world’s major religions in this beautiful hardback manual with white cover stamped in gold-foil lettering.


Founding Charter

Item: ETS Founding Charter
Price: US$45.00

You do not need this to become ordained. You may order this if you want an official Church Charter, also called Founding Document. Name your church whatever you wish (within reason — we don’t charter Satanic churches).
For this document, you’ll need to tell us: The exact name of your Church
The physical address of your church/house church/center. This can be your home address.


Replacement Ordination Certificate

Item: ReplacementCertificate
price: $52.00
Description:(Also use this button if you have changed your name.) Please be sure we have your current name and mailing address.