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Sophia in Hebrew is pronounced Hokmah.
When the Bible was translated into Greek, Hokmah became Sophia.  Both these names mean wisdom.
But not intellectual knowledge, rather a knowing of the mysteries
So when you hear name Sophia, think keeper of the universal wisdom. Or repository of ancient wisdom.
And every time you come across the word wisdom in your English Bible, both in the Old and the New Testament, remind yourself it really says Sophia. Things will start to make a lot more sense.  Such as Luke 11:49 where it says, “I wisdom will send to them prophets and apostles some of whom they will kill or persecute.”  How can a mental concept, wisdom, “send” anyone to earth?  It makes a lot more sense if you read the Greek literally, “I Sophia will send to them prophets and apostles.”  Luke and the lost gospel Q both say Jesus and John the Baptiser were sent by Sophia, not just by God.

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