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Shiva & Shakti

Shiva Shakti



Star of David
Star of David

Ark of the Covenant

Ark of the Covenant


Now here is one of planet earth’s most ancient sacred marriage couples, Shiva and Shakti of India.  Shakti is a Sanskrit name meaning Power. 

There’s that power word again. Remember Uzza, a goddess in the Koran, means power, too.       …The kingdom and the power…
Shakti and Shiva’s sitting lovemaking posture is symbolized by two overlapping triangles, that we Westerners know as the Star of David.  Each person’s legs make a triangle.  Then one triangle overlaps the other. Jewish esoteric sources have long said this same posture was depicted on the ark of the covenant showing Yahweh-El entangled in the star of David posture with Shekinah-Asherah.

India used the Star of David symbol for the sacred marriage of god and goddess a thousand years before the Hebrews did.  And we like to think their cultures interacted.

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