Eternal Order of the Magi

“And YHWH said, let there be lights in the firmaments of the heavens to divide the night from the day (sun and moon); and let them be for signs (stars) and for seasons, and for days and years.”
–The Book of Creation (Genesis) Chap. 1 verse 14
In the darkness of ages past, and out of the ashes of the oldest civilization on earth, an ancient Order set about to master the very powers of heaven itself. Trained by the Angels and the Great Watchers of the Divine, they learned sublime and powerful magiks. Magik so powerful it could alter the very fabric of reality. The power of the Magi was unmatched in the ancient world and they fought with many demons and dark entities to free humanity from demonic strife and tyranny.
The Magi are the watchmen of the heavens. The earliest astronomers, they knew and understood the workings of the celestial realm. Magi were the first navigators of the seas, as well as navigators of the Ship of revelation. Revelation is a word meaning “revealed knowledge.” It is hands-on “know-how,” and the highest mind/soul concepts. The mages of the Order have kept the truth alive, so that no man may put asunder what the Divine has ordained.

The ancient Magi understood that with great power comes an even greater chance that the power would be used for dark and selfish reasons.

They understood the sacred balance, the Yin and Yang, the need for the “destruction” of the self for the greater service of the Divine. So the Order trained only those people whom the god/s specially chose. And those who were chosen readily sacrificed the self for the Divine in answer to the call to service, not when it was convenient, but when they were called.

On the day of their initiation into the Order, the initiates made a sacred pledge to the Creator/s; that the power given to them and channeled thru them would be used only for spiritual illumination and for the good of all mankind. Should such a pledge be broken, the mage would be cast from the Order and teachings of the Order would be literally taken from the offender’s mind.

Our Esoteric Mystery School’s Eternal Order of the Magi represents the rebirth of this ancient tradition in modern times. The Order will inculcate and train all sincere and right-minded candidates that have decided to walk the ancient path of the mage. Persons of any religion, creed, and philosophy are allowed to join so long as they don’t follow the paths of destruction and delusion, otherwise known as Evil. Note we do not say “darkness” is bad, for we know darkness is needed for rest, rejuvenation; and the persona shadow within each of us must be civilized and integrated, not suppressed and ignored. Spiritual darkness is a better way to refer to what many simply call “the dark side.” Light is good, yes, but it must be coupled with healthy darkness. Not spiritual darkness, again that’s another issue. Evil has no place in our Order, and spiritual darkness, ignorance, wanton destruction and delusion are the earmarks of evil, and shouldn’t be labeled as “darkness,” though we know this term is often convenient in speech. Magi sometimes call themselves “light-workers” after all.

For centuries these extraordinary men and women have deposited the seeds of truth into every culture, so that “all the world may hear the call,” if they take time to listen. The Magi have made their presence known with literal appearances in such instances as the destruction of Gomorrah and the famous gift-bearing visit to the child Yeshua. They have seen nations rise and empires conquered. Yet they have been able to exist through all. The ancient Magi are believed to pass knowledge through family heritage. Do not be surprised to find out in your own path of self-discovery where your Magi leanings may come from. If you are reading this, your ancestral (or genetic) memory, must have led you here.

The Order draws its teachings from the great Magi of old, but we have also chosen to include the teachings of many modern Orders and traditions so long as they represent the force of Light. You will be immersed in the threefold teaching of Heaven, Earth, and Man as taught by the ancient Adept-Priests of the world. No modern Order will give you a magikal-mystical education that will come even close to these teachings.

So we must ask you. Are you ready to take the great charge of the Divine, make the solemn pledge to Them, and begin your path to illumination?*

—Arch-Magus LUX INVICTUS, co-founder and instructor of our Eternal Order of the Magi

—Magus Frater Kathurii, instructor of our Eternal Order of the Magi
*Additional responsibilities to those who answer this call: Are you ready to work to secure the truth of the Divine from the clutches of politics, ancient and future? Will you stand up against, and sometimes literally take on, the forces of evil whose mal-adepts work with as much commitment as you and I?

Things Magi study. Perhaps you’ve noticed how so many different ancient civilizations (from Alexandria Egypt to China) seem to have the same knowledge of astronomy and even use the concept of Twelve in their astrology. Or you may have wondered why the city of Jerusalem has been so important to many different civilizations (Hebrew, Egyptian, Alexander the Great and the Greeks, Roman, Muslim, Christian). Maybe you have dismissed all the similarities of the various religions and deities as being mere copies of each other.

Do not be surprised to find where the Divine Truth is hidden waiting to be revealed. We teach the true path of the Magi, who for a time were found among the Persians, Hebrews and another time among the Hindus, Celts, Native Americans, Greek sages, the Taoists of ancient China. They have been and still are present among ALL cultures. Do not be misled by the use of the word Magi. Many have tried to claim the Magi were the soothsayers of Babylonia, and nothing more. This is not so. One more thing: the Magi are not about parlor magic or cheap fortune-telling. We carry the burden of making sure the Word, as sent from the Divine, survives.

One of the first topics we cover in our magikal studies is Magik and Religion—are they one in the same? Is magic “of the devil”? And why do religious “authorities” always pick on magik-makers calling them sorcerers and witches? We will read from many lost sources including Lilinah Anat’s Purple Book of Magick Ancient Near East studies, one of the first websites ever to go online in the 1990s, but now lost (we have all of it)

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