Images of Mary Magdalene Art Gallery



Mary Magdalene With Jar

Last Supper by Leonardo DaVinci showing Mary Magdalene
sitting on Jesus’ right hand

Mary Magdalene by Boticelli Mary Magdalene, Sophia, and Sophia's three daughters, Faith, Hope & Charity
Mary Magdalene by Carravaggio

by Carravaggio

Mary Magdalene by Vivariniby Vivarini
Mary Magdalene by Rossetti Mary Magdalene by Flemish artist
Magdalene Studying by Weyden Yeshua and Mary Magdalene

Forgiveness” by Joan C Mitchell

Icon of Mary Magdalene

Orthodox Icon showing Magdalene with Red Egg
Read story of the red egg here Mary Magdalene Meets Tiberius

Icon of Mary Magdalene with Red Egg

Mary Magdalene with Alabaster Jar and large Red Egg

Leonardo DaVinci's Virgin on the Rocks mentioned in DaVinci Code

Madonna on the Rocks by Leonardo DaVinci, mentioned in DaVinci Code. Note the cousins John the Baptist and Jesus as babies , this is not MM, but we put it in here for DaVinci Code readers

Inanna or Ishtar with Jar and dress similar to Magdalene

Inanna aka Ishtar with her alabaster jar – 1800 B.C. Note additional similarity to Mary Magdalene in posture and dress (see how dress is pulled up in same way to reveal feet)

Mary Magdalene by Signorelli

Mary Magdalene with Alabaster Jar

Yeshua and Magdalena by Christina Miller Yeshua and Magdalena a Week Before Passover” Copyright 2005 Christina Miller. This fascinating piece, so full of eternal symbols,  is a modern icon of Magdalene & Yeshua, painted by Christina Miller of  See more of her gorgeous work at  The artist Christina writes:  This image of Yeshua (The Aramaic name of Jesus, and the one his Mother Mary called him by) and Magdalena reflect the idea that they shared not only time but a destiny interwoven with each other. The chalice with the symbols of the male and female represented by the sun and moon is placed between them as the waters of the Divine Life flow mystically into the cup. Mary Magdalen has tears streaming down her face, it is a week before Passover in the Holy City of Jerusalem and Yeshua has just told her that He must go. She knows He must, but as with any of us that loves another, she does not want Him to go. “Stay, don’t go!” She speaks the words in her heart, even knowing that it is pointless to utter them, as she knows He will go on to His last Passover supper. It was dangerous for Yeshua to go to Jerusalem, there was civil war in the air, the Romans were aware of the great probability that a Jewish revolt was brewing and on the lookout for any troublemakers. The Sadducees and Pharisees were desperately afraid the Romans would slaughter thousands of their people. Yeshua, although He himself proclaimed His Kingdom was not of this world, others would have Him lead a revolt against the occupying Romans to end their oppression of the Jews and their occupation of the land of Israel. It was a very perilous time to be bringing the Word of God to the world; portends surrounded them from all sides and Magdalen was plainly aware of the dangers of entering Jerusalem. We can not know, with any certainty, the relationship Mary Magdalen and Jesus had, but there is no doubt in my mind that she cried many tears.

“Sophia”, the gnostic feminine aspect of God. Wisdom visits whom whe wants. Intellect, knowledge and memorized ideas are not Wisdom. Wisdom is beyond one’s own accomplishments. It is a delicious force of mercy and grace that is granted to some and is beyond the grasp of all others. Wisdom is often accompanied by Silence.

Mary Magdalene by El Greco, note book and skull, her symbols Magdalene by El Greco, notice her book symbol (studying the “word,” mysteries of wisdom) and her skull symbol (mortality takes us all, but also wisdom’s mysteries again)