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The Sacred Reunion, by Margaret Starbird

A Prayer to Our Lady, by Tau Malachi

Litany of the Magdala

Invocations to Forgotten Women

Balanced “Lord’s Prayer”

Mary Magdala Rosary Prayer

Mary Magdala  Rosary
 (for contemplation during Rosary use) by Anne Frasca Safyre

Mary, We Did Not Know You

Magdala, Reflection of Goddess

No Longer Derelicta

Psalm of Praise to Magdalene My

Magdalen Illuminant

Hail Mary Magdalene, the Lord has wed thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb and Jesus.
Holy Mary, mother of kings,
give aid to us seekers now and in the hour of our need

—The Hail Mary adapted by Linda Seekins

A Prayer to Our Lady

by Tau Malachi

O Kallah Messiah, Anointed Bride,

Lady of Light, Lady of Fire,

Come and breathe upon us,

Come and dance with us;

Take us now into your embrace,

That we might know the fullness of Divine Love,

And be joined to our Beloved, as you are joined in Union

The image of the Human One of Light in the Bridal Chamber;

O Magdalene, Tower of the Flock,

Shine among us and bless us,

Anoint us, as you anointed the Lord,

So that the Spiritual Sun might shine in us;

Empower us in the Way, Truth and Life Divine,

Open the Path of the Great Ascension to us,

And pour out your Supernal Grace upon us,

The Healing Power of the Holy Grail;

O Lady of Initiation, Daughter of Understanding,

Stretch out your wings and send your Light-power,

Speak the Mystic Word and show us Wisdom,

So that we might know the Spirit of Truth;

Ascending and descending, come upon us,

Teach and initiate us in the Way of Gnosis,

Gather us into the Body of the Risen Christ,

The Light of the True Cross (Shin-Tau);

O Lady of the Divine Order,

Pray for us and bless us,

Be ever with us!

Praise to you, Kallah Messiah;

And praise to you, El Elyon,

Our Mother-Father,

God Most High,

Holy One!


The Sacred Reunion

by Margaret Starbird reprinted from her book
The Woman with the Alabaster Jar

Shrouded in mists of time

she waits alone in the garden,

veiled, her name obscured,

the forsaken Rose.

Lost counterpart of Logos, the Word,

Son of the Father,

reason and righteousness,

the eternal He.

Forgotten Eros,

the passionate one,

the eternal She,

left prostrate on the ground.

“The Bride is as dark—

but lovely—

as the tents of Cedar.

Do not stare at her because she is swarthy,

because the sun has burned her.

She has labored in her brothers’ vineyards;

her own she has not kept.” (Cant. 1:5-6)

The Bride,

parched from her toil

in the scorching sun,

dark, dried, and withered.

Black Madonna,

mother of the afflicted poor,

God’s raisins,

burned in the relentless rays

of Logos, victor, judge, and sword.

Male image of a sovereign God

raised to heaven’s throne—


Eagerly she sought him,

but watchmen came upon her,

struck and wounded her,

the guardians of the walls.

Her plight is mirrored now

in Czestochowa’s icon,

a gash upon her cheek,

the abused, abandoned one—

the Derelicta.

Noli me tangere:

“Do not touch me,”

For centuries the echo:

Noli me tangere.

The Ascended One,

adored and glorified—


the handsome prince,

Lion of Judah and Lamb of God

seated at the Father’s hand

and ruling from his throne—


But now, at last, he seeks her.

He calls for her.

He knows the name of the Rose.

Exhausted and parched

in wretchedness,

she hears him call her name.

She stirs, raises her head, and looks around.

“Who speaks?”

Her heart beats faster.

“Can it be he?

Has he returned at last for me?”

The garden where he left her

is now a wasteland—

scarred, dried, and shriveled.

Trees are stunted,

streams of living water

only a trickle.

Thickets of thorn

surround the garden,

barring his way.

With the sword of truth

he must hack them to pieces

to reach his beloved.

At last he finds her,

still clasping her alabaster jar.

Her joyful tears fall at his feet.

A second time she dries them with her hair.

But now he reaches for her hand.

“Come, beloved; it is time.

Let us go together into the vineyard

to see if the vines are in bloom.” (Cant. 7:13)

Hand in hand now,

they walk in the desert garden.

And where their feet tread

a violet springs up from the ground,

an anemone lifts its head.

In their wake

buds swell on barren bough.

“No longer will you be called ‘forsaken’

and your lands ‘desolate,’

but you shall be called ‘beloved,’

and your lands ‘espoused'” (Isa. 62:4)

He whispers her name,

savoring its taste

delighting in the Bride of his longing.


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Rosary Decades to Miriamne, by ArizaLeora, OMM Priestess:

Miriamne, full of light

Blessed art thou among women

and blessed are the fruits of thy wisdom.

Miriamne, so steadfast for Yeshu

be with us now, and at the time of our trial.


Invocations to Forgotten Women
of the Old Testament
, by Oiled Lamp AKA Amber Satterwhite, Mystery School Initiate composed Dec. 14, 2001

Invocation to Eve:

My mother Eve,

Woman of the Red Earth,

Mother of the Living.

You birthed a new creation into existence!

You travailed in sorrow

so that I might know true joy!

Your tears baptized your newborn child,

and anointed him at his death!

Give me your understanding,

so that when I eat the fruit of the forbidden Tree,

I might feel the call of the Goddess within me,

and Know this is the Way of Eternal Life.

Invocation to Miriam:

My mother Miriam,

Woman of the Timbrel,

Prophetess of the Tabernacle,

Counselor to the Lawgiver,

You exalted your brother as Prince of Egypt!

You formed the character of Israel,

as a mother forms a child in her womb!

Give me your stalwart dedication,

so that I will never cease to walk in Wisdom’s paths,

as I wander in the desert of my soul.

Invocation to Ruth:

My mother Ruth,

Woman of the Golden Sheath,

A daughter greater than seven sons,

Who made her mother’s bitterness pleasant.

You sojourned in a strange land to make the seed of

Naomi great!

Give me your loyalty and affection,

so that I may honor my mothers,

as you so honored yours.

Invocation to Michal:

My sister Michal,

Woman of the Royal House,

Your husband David fled your marriage bed,

When your father Saul sought his life.

In your love you aided your husband’s escape!

For your love you were given to another man!

Was your heart filled with gladness,

when you returned to David’s bed?

Or were Phaltiel’s bitter tears your own

on the road to Bethlehem?

Sister Michal, twice divorced and childless,

give me your emotional strength

as I face the loss of love

and the loneliness of its absence.

Invocation to Rahab:

My mother Rahab,

Woman of the Scarlet Thread,

You risked your life to establish Israel!

Give me your courage,

so that I will choose to serve Wisdom,

as I am called to establish Zion.

(Click here for interesting Bible Study portion on

Rahab from a Christian

Invocation to Tamar:
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My mother Tamar,

Woman of the Veil,

For Judah’s sake

you sat beneath the palm tree

on the way to Timnath!

As a maiden who wears the red garment

you answered his call,

and by his signet and his staff,

you established the House of Judah!

Your womb brought forth twins,

and by the scarlet thread

you chose among them an heir!

The black robes of your widowhood

cover the body of a woman filled,

yet emptied of the men of her existence.

Give me your humility,

so that I may accept the cycles of life,

as they may come and go and come again.

More about Tamar, Irish legends, etc.)

Invocation to Esther:

My mother Esther,

Woman of the Crown of Judah,

You traded silk for sackcloth,

and gold for ashes.

You risked your life to save your people!

Give me your courage,

so that I will choose to act selflessly,

as I am called to protect those in my care.

Invocation to Abigail:

My mother Abigail,

Woman of Peace,

You turned away from the foolish house of Nabal,

and brought a generous offering to the camp of David!

You stayed the swords of men with words,

and stemmed the tide of blood with your countenance!

Give me your gift of diplomacy,

so that when anger swells and armor gleams,

I can be a force for peace.

Invocation to Jael:

My mother Jael,

Woman of the Nail and Hammer,

You hid the enemy of Israel in your tent,

and fed him milk instead of water!

In stealth you crept upon him,

In stealth you pierced his temple with your nail!

Blessed are you above women,

and blessed are you above women in the tent,

for you alone ended the bloodshed of innocents,

and protected your children by your own hand.

Give me your vicious cunning,

so that I will act as dark blooded Wisdom,

when I am called upon to defend my own.

Invocation to Sarai:

My mother Sarai,

Woman of the Terebinth,

Priestess of En,

For all your days you dwelt

in the House of the Moon!

No man wed thee,

but the father of kings!

No child was born to thee,

but the heir to Israel!

You laughed in the face of God,

and asserted your will on Earth,

as a woman who knew

the end had come.

Give me your strong-willed Wisdom,

so that I too can stand firm

in my own power, as I laugh

in the face of patriarchy.

Invocation to Judith:

My mother Judith,

Woman of the Palm Tree,

On the rainy field you defeated Canaan,

and stopped the iron chariots of Sisera!

In the shadow of the mountains,

you led Barak to victory,

over the enemies of the children of Israel!

Give me your foresight,

so that I may see my enemies at a distance

and not fear them,

as I face down the unrighteous threat of force.

Detail of JUDITH by Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1652)

Invocation to Rebekah:   Top

My mother Rebekah,

Woman of the Well,

You journeyed to a strange land,

away from the house of your mothers,

to dwell in the tent of Sarai.

There you gave an oracle,

and there the cloud descended!

There the twins you bore

cleaved your heart in twain,

and you wanted for an heir,

for Israel’s destiny.

“Why have I existed?” you cried,

as the dark night descended,

without another hope,

for another thousand years.

My mother Rebekah,

give me your strength to endure,

so that when I see that all is lost,

I may continue on as you did,

and be saved.

Invocation to Rachel:

My mother Rachel,

Woman of the Ewe Lamb,

Full of patience and compassion!

As a gentle shepherdess you waited

for seven years

then gave your beloved to another!

For seven more

you tended flocks together

and Jacob loved to serve you,

above all others,

for all his days in Haran,

the place of your mothers.

When he destroyed the teraphim,

when he broke up your birthright

and buried it in the ground,

as he had your broken body

along the way

to the land of his fathers,

Rebekah’s hope was buried with it.

Give me your compassionate beauty,

so that I might be the Goddess on Earth,

for those who wish to serve,

and be served by Her.

Invocation to Leah:

My mother Leah,

Woman of Fruitfulness,

Your fields are wide at the borders,

and your flocks yield firstlings

as the hares in their dens!

You provide for the Old World,

an Ensign,

and to the New Word,

a friend!

Jacob loved you

as a mother of Israel,

I call you now,

as a mother to me!

Protect me now,

in the pangs of childbirth,

Guide me now,

in the challenges of motherhood,

Be with me now,

in my joy and my sorrow!

Leah, the weary, stay close to me!

Invocation to Bilhah:

My mother Bilhah,

Woman of Distress,

there is so much to worry about!

How can I strike a balance

between the Magician and the Fool,

full control and complete faith,

and still remain the High Priestess,

calm and poised in my intuition?

My mother Bilhah,

give me your serenity,

so that I can accept

what can’t be changed

assume control of what can be

and appreciate every moment

during this precarious life.

Invocation to Zilpah:

My mother Zilpah,

Woman of Tears,

Emotion is as varied

as the forms water takes

as it courses over, through, and around us

like an ever-flowing current

of electricity

that neither shocks nor soothes us

but keeps us as women

ever in its path.

Let me know the greater power

of my emotional self

so that I may harness it,

and not abuse it,

as a force for my creation.

Invocation to Dinah:      Top

My sister Dinah,

Woman of Promise,

In the Red Tent

you dwelt with your mothers

and inherited all

that Rachel had!

In the city of Shechem

you lay with the prince

as a priestess who celebrates

the marriage of Earth and Sky!

Your brothers, they knew this,

and called you harlot,

The scribes, they concealed this,

and said you were raped.

May I too claim power

from my own sexuality

and honor, as you did,

the gift of the Goddess!

Invocation to Deborah

by Initiate Lady Deborah, R+C

My mother Deborah,

woman of wisdom

Judge of Israel,

Prophetess of Israel,

You spoke wisdom to Israel

under the palm tree!

You sent the children of Israel

to defeat Sisera!

You sang the song of victory

with your general Barak!

Give me your wise words

That I might speak truth

Not shy away

from confrontation

when it is needed.

Invocations to Forgotten Women of the New Testament has only one entry, please submit your writings!    Top

Invocation to Anna

by Initiate Lady Deborah, R+C

My mother Anna,

Woman of Fasting

Dedicated to prayer

Steadfast in the temple

Even in old age,

You recognized Yeshua

Even as an infant.

You looked for the redemption

of your people Israel.

You proclaimed the truth

of Yeshua.

Give me your insight

That I might proclaim

the Truth until death.

Decades to Miriamne:

by Initiate ArizaLeora

Miriamne, full of light

Blessed art thou among women

and blessed are the fruits of thy wisdom.

Miriamne, so steadfast for Yeshu

be with us now, and at the time of our trial.



Magdala, Reflection of Goddess

by Initiate Lady Deborah, R+C

Note: the first stanza of this poem/lyric refers to the Goddess, then
as her reflection in the Magdala…

From the beginning you have been

Til eternity you will be

God’s companion, God’s balance

A reflection of you in the mirror

A glimpse of who you are

She took on your essence


Reflection of goddess

Reflection of woman

Learning the balance

She meets him, her equal, her balance

A glimpse of who she will be

She faces her challenge


Reflection of goddess

Reflection of woman

Living the balance

She relinquishes him, lets him go to the Father

His work is completed

Her work’s just beginning


Reflection of goddess

Reflection of woman

Loving the balance

Your life became an expression of love

The love between God and Goddess

And now you show us the way to the truth

The balance of love


Reflection of goddess

Reflection of woman

Loving the balance

Magdalene Rosary; by Sally Norton

This is a beautiful Magdalene Rosary, handcrafted by a friend of our Order, Sally Norton, sister of Magdalene author Joan Norton.


by Anne Frasca (aka Anne Safyre), one of our own Mystery School Initiates

Blessing to say on the MM Medal, Cross or other Emblem on your

Beloved of the King of the Universe,

Queen of Heaven,

Immersed in the ethereal Light,

Dark Bride eclipsed for centuries,

We pray for your coming into fullness,

Mystical Magdalene,

Goddess of the Moon,

emerge from the shadows

Let your time and our time be now,

Through these your mysteries we would draw you nearer to us,

Sister most dear to us.

You who were most faithful to the Way,

Mistress of the Brightest Day,

Let your brilliance illuminate the night,

And bring us closer still to that heavenly light.



Our Lord

(to be said on the large divider beads before each decade)

“Our Lord Yeshua, who reigns in Heaven,

Your Name is the Holy of Holies.

Your Bride the Goddess remains

At Your side

On Earth as She is in Heaven.

The Divine Light and Love born of

Your Sacred Union

Nurtures our spirits and fills our hearts to overflowing.

Our glorious King and Queen of Peace and Mercy

Your infinite understanding and unending love,

Are the True Power and Beauty withinYour Creation

Universe without end

Awen /Amen.

Hail Lady of Magdala

(To be said on each of the small decade beads)

“Hail Lady of Magdala,

The Lord is with You!

Blessed Be Thee

Queen of Shadows and Light !

And blessed are Your Mysteries

Revealed through the magical moon.

Holy Mary, Beloved of the God,

Guide us with Your Wisdom,

And breathe into us the Sacred Spirit

Birthed by Your Divine Union with the Sun,Yeshua

Our Lord and King of the Universe

Now and forever.”


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Mysteries for use with the
Mary Magdalene Rosary

by Initiate Maya, Priestess of Magdala

It is not necessary that Mysteries be based directly on the
Bible.  The Assumption and Coronation Mysteries in the
Blessed Mother Rosary are not Biblical.

Joyful Mysteries

1st Joyful Mystery: Mary Magdalene meets Yeshua for the first time, Her Soul-Mate and Spiritual Equal

2nd Joyful Mystery: Mary Magdalene is initiated as High Priestess in Her Temple.

3rd Joyful Mystery: The Wedding at Cana.

4th Joyful Mystery: Mary sits at Yeshua’s feet, hearing and contemplating upon His Word.

5th Joyful Mystery: The Birth of Sarah/Sarai (MM and Yeshua’s Daughter)

Sorrowful Mysteries

1st Sorrowful Mystery: The Annointing.

2nd Sorrowful Mystery: Mary Magdalene stands beneath the cross.

3rd Sorrowful Mystery: The Lament and Burial of Yeshua.

4th Sorrowful Mystery: Disbelief of the Apostles.

5th Sorrowful Mystery: Mary Magdalene, Sarai and family members flee into exile.

The Glorious Mysteries

1st Glorious Mystery: First Witness of the Resurrection.

2nd Glorious Mystery: Yeshua sends Mary Magdalene out to preach as an Apostle.

3rd Glorious Mystery: Mary Magdalene becomes Grandmother to the Kings and Queens of France.

4th Glorious Mystery: Mary Magdalene ascends to sit at the Left Hand of Yeshua.

5th Glorious Mystery: The Divine Daughter, Hagia Sophia, eclipsed for centuries, comes into Fullness.


Litany of the Magdala

by Rev. Mark Raines

El, Father of Air, grant us knowledge.

Mary, Mother of Water, grant us love.

Yeshua, Prince of Fire, grant us glory.

Our Lady of the Witness, intercede for us.

Rose of Sharon, intercede for us.

Sangraal, intercede for us.

Watchtower, intercede for us.

Matriarch of the Vine, intercede for us.

Black Madonna, intercede for us.

Apostle of Apostles, intercede for us.

Woman with the Alabaster Jar, intercede for us.

Daughter of Tsion, intercede for us.

Our Lady of the Quest, intercede for us.

Womb of Gnosis, intercede for us.

Sancta Sophia, intercede for us.

Dark Bride, intercede for us.

Sister-Bride, intercede for us.

Beloved of Yeshua, intercede for us.

Image of Eve, be with us.

Creator of Adam, be with us.

Friend of Abel, be with us.

Chastiser of Cain, be with us.

Comfort of mothers, be with us.

Bringer of birth, be with us.

Foster-Mother of Seth, be with us.

Noah’s Ark, be with us.

Covenant of Rainbows, be with us.

Midwife of Sarai, be with us.

Promise to Hagar, be with us.

Sister of Leah, be with us.

Sister of Rachel, be with us.

Sister of Zilpah, be with us.

Sister of Bilhah, be with us.

Solace of Dinah, be with us.

Chalice of Joseph, be with us.

Red Sea, be with us.

Psalm of David, be with us.

Song of Solomon, be with us.

Queen of Israel, be with us.

Goddess in the Gospels, we know you.

Queen of Judah, we know you.

Lady of Benjamin, we know you.

Our Lady of Tsion, we know you.

Our Lady of Bethany, we know you.

Our Lady of Gethsemane, we know you.

Our Lady of Galilee, we know you.

Our Lady of Seven Veils, we know you.

Our Lady of the Cross, we know you.

Our Lady of the Red Egg, we know you.

Our Lady of the Voyage, we know you.

Our Lady of France, we know you.

Our Lady of Provence, we know you.

Our Lady of Celts, we know you.

Our Lady of Avalon, we know you.

Our Lady of the Lake, we know you.

Our Lady of Czestochowa, we know you.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, we know you.

Our Lady of Contemplation, we know you.

Our Lady of the Templars, we know you.

Our Lady of Reformation, we know you.

Princess of peace, come into our world.

Respite from the Sun, come into our world.

Oasis in the desert, come into our world.

Cure of pistics, come into our world.

Exposer of lies, come into our world.

Breaker of hatred, come into our world.

Life over death, come into our world.

Queen of the Earth, come into our world.

Papesse of the Church, come into our world.

Priestess among priests, come into our world.

Tree of Life, come into our world.

Opponent of the serpent, come into our world.

Uriel’s coin, come into our world.

Cleanser of toxins, come into our world.

Absorbing feminine, come into our world.

Archetype of love, come into our world.

Sunset on Aries, you are among us.

Exiled One of Pisces, you are among us.

Kyria of Aquarius, you are among us.

Our Lady of the Third Day, you are among us.

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The Creed of the Magdal-eder

I believe in Mary the Magdala.

I believe she is the Daughter of Tsion, the Tower of Faith.

I believe in her role as the Goddess in the Gospels;

She is Holy Sophia, born of a woman and a man.

I believe that she is High Queen of Heaven,

That she sits at the left hand of Shekinah,

Bringing her people into union with the Creative Godhead.

I believe that she was the Bride of the Krist,

And as such she was Inanna Incarnate.

I believe that she descended into the Womb of the Earth,

Where she saved the Krist from death.

It was there that she encountered her Shadow;

It was there that she realized her Divinity,

And now she rules in all worlds of matter and spirit.

I believe that she continues her ministry among us.

She is our closest link to Heaven, she is our Intercessor.

She is the Black Bride toiling in her Brother’s vineyard;

She is the Church, and she dwells in me.

Therefore, I seek to make my body a Temple,

I seek to make my spirit a prayer,

And I seek to make my mind an instrument of her peace.

Magdalen by Luca Signorelli 1514A.D.

Mary We Did Not Know

By Maya, Priestess of Magdala

Mary, we did not know you.

Kept hidden for centuries you were despised,

A Queen not seen, under harlot’s disguise.

Mary, we did not know you.

No Wife has He, we were told.

No Priestess, no Bride, no Queen, He was alone.

They dressed you in rags, royal purple not shown.

Mary, we did not know you.

My heart weeps for what was lost.

How we treated you, Divine Daughter on High.

I search Heaven and Earth and ask myself, why.

Mary, we did not know you.

May we now bring wrong to right.

We will sing of Your Queenship for all to hear.

We will ring your truth, north, south, far and near.

Mary, now all may know you.

Magdalen (notice she looks obviously pregnant) with
Madonna & Child, and unknown woman,
by Unknown Flemish Artist

Psalm of
Praise to Queen Mary Magdalene

by Brother Darius, OMM Priest

Praise to thee, my Queen

Blessed be my Queen, my citadel.

I will extol thy name forever and ever.

My soul will sing praises for thee as long as I live.

When I call to thee, hear my voice.

In thy Tower and Temple, I find refuge, protection, and sustenance.

When I eat thy food and drink from thy cup my afflictions are no more.

In thee I find satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment.

In thee I delight and find pleasure.

To thee, O Queen of light and dark, I lift up my voice in praise.

Lead me and guide me that I might learn of the old ways.

Teach me the ancient knowledge and hidden secrets.

Let me sit near thee as you once sat at the Master?s feet.

Whisper to me all the day that I may not forget thy presence.

Encompass me and counsel me that I may not error.

Guard my path that I may walk safely.

When I stumbled give me the strength to rise again.

O Lady of the Universe thy titles are many.

Thou are Mother, Sister, and Daughter.

Thou are Virgin, Queen, and Prophetess.

Thou are Wisdom, Devine, and Goddess.

Thou, my Queen, carry the anointing oil.

Thy alabaster jar is always at thy side.

As thou anointed the Master, anoint me that

I might serve at thy side and at thy table.

Give beauty to my voice that I might sing a new song.

I will sing of thy name and of thy ways.

I will sing of thy blessings and thy wisdom.

From morning until night, I will sing in the midst of the throng?

Praise to thee, my Queen!

Mary Magdalene by Caravaggio, 1598. Notice her magic mirror



by OMM Priestess, L.A. “Lou” Foster

Mary Migdal Magdalen

you are beautiful in view.

Remove my limitations

and weaken my intransigence.

You are here to guide me

on my spiritual path that I ensue.

On this path of enlightenment

Prepare me for the steps that I must follow

For you are my Illuminant.

Strengthen my faith and knowledge of the Divine

Let my heart and head exude it all

So in me, through and through, let the Holy light shine.


Derelicta by Botticelli

No Longer Derelicta

by Noor, OMM Initiate

I am going home

To my Beloved,

Where I will no

Longer be the


I am returning to my

Place as the

Glorious and

Magnificent Bride.

I will be Heaven

On High, for I

am going to be

With my King.

Blessed am I

Who holds the Rose

And sits at the

Left hand of

Her Lord.

Blessed am I

Who holds the

Wisdom of

the Universe,

Who walks the

Way in light.

Blessed they will call me

As they bow before me

And weep at my feet.

They shall welcome

Me at gates of gold

With roses and

Garlands and crowns.

And there shall

Be doves, pure

And white, and

Singing sweetly,

And my Beloved

Shall welcome

Me home.

The Lord’s Prayer

(from the New Zealand Prayer Book)

Eternal Spirit, Earth-maker, Pain-bearer, Life-giver,

Source of all that is and that shall be,

Father and Mother of us all,

Loving God, in whom is heaven:

The hallowing of your name echo through the universe!

The way of your justice be followed by the peoples of the world!

Your heavenly will be done by all created beings!

Your commonwealth of peace and freedom sustain our hope and come on earth.

With the bread we need for today, feed us.

In the hurts we absorb from one another, forgive us.

In times of temptation and test, strengthen us.

From trials too great to endure, spare us.

From the grip of all that is evil, free us.

For you reign in the glory of the power that is love, now and for ever. Amen


MM, Mother Mary, St. Catherine, Salome the midwife, by Vivarini