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Holy Orders to the Priesthood Application

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    The following questions help us build a picture of you and what has made you the person you are. We can better help you get where you're going if we have a complete profile of you and your spiritual background.

    What religion were you raised on?

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    How does your immediate family feel about your chosen spiritual path? Opposition? Approval?

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    The initial tuition fee is $156 (includes Priority Mail shipping of your Documents). Then $100 monthly thereafter. Submit by fax, or by telephone your Visa or Mastercard for automatic deduction.

    ~~Don't forget to send us your spiritual history, a 1-2 page auto-biography as described in the application process page.

    ~~Please describe in a separate email why you want Holy Orders to the Priesthood, what you intend to do as a priest, and specifically why you want alternative esoteric Holy Orders.

    ~~ Have you read all of Bishop Katia's blog and all its comments in order to be sure that you will comfortable with her as your spiritual director for the next year or more as you pursue Holy Orders?

    Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified immediately upon acceptance.

    Legal Ministerial Ordination:
    Right from the start if you so choose we will ordain you as a minister (different from a priest).
    At the end of your studies you will receive Holy Orders with Apostolic Succession. This initial Ordination is not connected to that, but you might find it useful during your time as a seminarian, so we offer it when you pay the first $150 of your tuition and submit the spiritual history.

    Choose how you want to be Ordained (more than one Minister title is okay for additional fee of $20 each. Separate certificates):

    Interfaith MinisterSpiritual MinisterPsychic MinisterEsoteric Minister

    Other Title-- Please describe:

    You may choose more than one title from the above list for an additional $20 fee. (Separate certificates.)

    Please enter your name exactly as you want it to appear on your Ordination. This is a legal document, most people include their middle name.

    Do you pledge to use your new credentials and professional status for the Service of Humanity?

    Please review your application above and if you are happy with it, click on the button below.(Print this page now before you click "Submit" if you want to keep a copy of this application for your records)

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