Dr. John Dee above
Sir Edward Kelly on
This is a do it yourself lesson.  Research time!  Go thou to Google.com or your favorite search engine and type in the names Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelly.  Visit as many websites as you need to in order to find the answers to the following questions.  Send answers to the School with the subject line 3AA 1st Deg Dee & Kelly answers from _______ (insert your magikal name). [Image]


1.  Who was Dr. Dee?

2.  Who was Kelly?

3.  What time period and in what country did they live?  Who wasthe reigning monarch.  What special job in that monarch’s court didDr. Dee perform?

4.  Define Enochian, was it an alphabet, a language, magikal systemor all three.  Write a few paragraphs describing it.

5.  Give your opinion.  Were Dee & Kelly angelworkers, demonworkersor frauds?

If you’re desperate, here are some links to help:

Dr. John Dee  http://www.crystalinks.com/dee.html

The Invisible Basilica: Sir Edward Kelly  http://www.hermetic.com/sabazius/kelly.htm

Edward Kelly and John Dee:  Alchemists who transmuted the Stone. http://www.alchemylab.com/kellydee.htm

Enochian Magic http://members.tripod.com/goldendawnaz/enochian.htm  AnIntroduction to Enochian Magic

House of Enoch Enochian Info & Materialshttp://www.madimi.com/houseofenoch.htm