Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP)

The LBRP is a fundamental element of any ceremonial magik. Because a hugepart of this rite is the presence of the four great archangels, all Angelworkersmust learn this important rite. There are three primary reasons for doingthis working. The most important, yet the most ethereal reason, is to KnowThyself. As you do this ritual on a regular basis your feelings about yourselfand the world around you will change in many positive yet subtle ways. Itwill also expand your aura, again preparing you for greater energy work tobe given in later degrees. Third, the LBRP is a powerful “warding” techniquethat removes and banishes any negative or unwanted influences from your immediatearea. This skill is of supreme importance to the experienced Angel Mage.

Read about the LBRP on Wikipedia.

Practice this ritual daily if you can, but perform it at least once a week.This ritual will be expanded on in later degrees, and our specific Order’ssecret adaptations will be added or substituted, so it is important thatyou become familiar with its well known basic form now!

Lesser Banishing Ritualof the Pentagram Instructions

Perform this important ritual at least twice and send a Lab Sheet report to the school.

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Please complete the following Lab Sheets based upon each of the exercises/ritesabove.  Send completed Lab Sheets to the School with 3AA Lab __________ (name of Lab Sheet) in the subject line.

Name of Ritual

Date Performed

Time of Day you began

Ancient Hour of the day/night

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