Hours of the Day
Here’s exactly how Angels, Angelworkers and Magi keep time in the ancient way:

6 a.m. is the beginning of every day, even if the sun rises at a different time. They had to pick one time for it to “rise” to keep things organized and uniform.


Thus, the hours of the day are as follows:

6 a.m. to 7 a.m. is the First Hour of the Day

7 a.m. to 8 a.m. is 2nd Hour

8 a.m. to 9 a.m. is 3rd

9 a.m. to 10 a.m. is 4th

10 am to 11 am is 5th

11 am to 12 pm is 6th

Noon to 1 pm is 7th Hour

1 p.m. to 2 p.m. is 8th

2 p.m. to 3 p.m. is 9th Hour (when Yeshua gave up his spirit and died)

3 p.m. to 4 p.m. is 10th

4 p.m. to 5 p.m. is 11th

5 p.m to 6 p.m is 12th

Then at 6 p.m. begins the First Hour of the Night.   Look at the chartabove, only insert a.m.’s for p.m.’s and Midnight for Noon.

What then would be the Seventh Hour of the Day?

The answer is, the hour between noon and 1 p.m.  And the term “Seventhhour of the Day” refers to the beginning of that Hour, or 12 p.m.itself. Half past the Seventh Hour would be 12:30 p.m. A quarter past thehour, 12:15 p.m.  

Now let’s figure an hour of the night.  What is the Third Hour of theNight?

The answer is 8 p.m.

The Surge
Sunday noon ritual, the Sunday surge. It is balanced, “opposed” by midnight on Saturday night, called the Still of the Night.  So we have the daily surge and the daily still of the night. (There is one exception– on Saturdays there is no daily surge, explained below). [Image]

The Seventh Hour of every day is a very significant time, it is thetime when the sun is at its highest point, called the “Surge” of every day.This hour is a sacred time to not only sun worshippers(!) but to AngelicWorkers, too, because the Godhead and the angels revere the Sun as a symbolof the Father-God Creator-Sustainer-God. Incidentally, the Moon and Earthare symbols of the Mother-Goddess, and the oceans—so full of life, theoxygen-making-machine of this planet—are symbols of Her as a Creator-Goddessand Nurturer LifeMaker.

Angels working in a specific geographic spot on earth, and Angelworkers (whosince we are in the flesh are always working in a specific geographicspot) stop each day at high noon.   It should be noted that highnoon occurs at 1 p.m during daylight savings time in the spring and summerand midnight occurs at 1 a.m. And it should also be noted that angels notworking “bound” to the earth, are thus not bound to the planetary time unitscalled hours. They praise and honor the Creator constantly.  But backto earth and our work. Angels and Angelworkers stop, then turnto face the center of the Universe (where the Creators “sit on the throne”).In this way angels and humankind honor our God Most High as he dispensesthe daily “surge” of life to us. The Goddess performs a function at the Surge,too.  Her function is in keeping with the concept that She is the Life-Makerand He is the Life-Giver. She is the power behind Him, and actually “delivers”the Power — unmanifest chaos — to Him.  He instantaneously turns itinto manifest Cosmos, or Order, and dispenses it, projecting it outward intocreation. Mankind depends on those dispensations.  The word cosmosis greek for Order, the opposite of chaos, also a greek work.

The SUNDAY surge is even more powerful, when God sends a power-punch dispensationof creative energy to all of our planet’s lifeforms, including usincarnated-created ones.

It is of course, no accident that the Catholic Church switched worship toSunday and then gives out the Eucharist communion wafer, the climax of themass, at around noon, the seventh hour. Remember that the guy who made thatswitch in 325 AD was the Roman Emperor Constantine, a known sun-worshipper,his god being called Sol Lux Invictus, the Invincible Sun. Critics have beensaying for the last 2000 years, that the Christian Church was hijacked atthat point by the Roman Empire and has been a sun cult ever since. Of coursewe know that it is both christo and pagan and we can handleit! The correlation between the Creators and the Sun is as it should be,as long as we are aware of that, and still revere the Seventh Day of Rest,the Sabbath, to honor the Creators’ rest at the end of Creation Week.

Sunday Surge and the worldwide gathering of Christians and Kristians

Each Sunday, all over the world, in every time zone, the 7th hour occurs,one right after the other, as the Earth turns and the sun races around theplanet. So somewhere in the world it is noon every time the clock in yourhouse chimes the hour because there are approx. 25 time zones and 24 hours.Some of the world’s time zones are off by a half hour, but it doesn’t mattertoo much as far as the surge is concerned, it all comes out in the wash.Every Sunday the christian believers all over the world who attend mass eatthat round wafer (shaped like the sun) like clockwork at around noon, orsometime (usually) between noon and one, during the seventh hour. There areearly masses and daily masses in larger catholic churches, but the most popularis the Sunday mid-morning mass which culminates around noon. The massiveEastern Orthodox Church also has weekly Sunday communion, even allowing babiesto partake of the bread (unlike Catholics which require children to be confirmedfirst). The Christian church has spread all over this planet, even into China,and in this Sunday event, all believers worldwide are joined in the sacredmeal. It’s way cool.

Protestant Churches, though they don’t give out the wafer every sunday (usuallythey do it four times a year, every thirteen sundays), do still mark thenoon hour every week. Church is usually ending right at noon with the closingprayer and hymn, the culmination / climax of the service.

Sunday and Saturday, which is the Sabbath?

It is significant that on Sunday, the day of the Sun, at the seventh hourwhen God sends this extra weekly surge, he is “working,” doing his “job”as Creator-Sustainer. So that is why he does the extra once-a-week surgeon the first day of the week, the day he created light, not on the day ofrest, the non-work day called Sabbath. There are surges every day at noon,except Saturdays, and a special larger one on Sunday. The point is that Herests on Sabbath, the seventh day of the week, just as the ancient scripturestell us. There are other mysteries taking place on the Sabbath Day, especiallyat midnight, the seventh hour of the Night, that magikal mysterious timemuch lore has been written about.  That’s another topic, all that sacredmarriage, Divine Union, Sabbath-Queen stuff!

Interesting that the Church of old (thanks to Constantine) wanted to honorCreation Week by zooming in on God’s first act of Creation (creation of Light)rather than honoring Creation Week by keeping rest on the Sabbath seventhDay as Hebrews worldwide have always done. It is really only a matter ofperspective, both events seem to honor God’s and Goddess’ great handiwork.It’s a wonder the secular-humanists don’t honor the 6th Day of Creation whenman was created, eh?  <grin> That would be Friday worship. TheChurch of Man, rather than God. (hmmmm, Islam worships on Fridays, but Idon’t think there’s a connection). The Rosicrucians consider Thursday eveningsa sacred time of the week, going along with Yeshua’s Last Supper in the UpperRoom, which was Thursday evening, as we all know. Very un-pagan of them!

By stopping and honoring the Surge, we can all attend “God’s family Church”together each Sunday at high noon — with the angels — who never miss it.”We shall meet at the Throne of God,” as the hymn goes….

That hymn invites by saying, “shall we gather at the river.” Esotericallyspeaking that means the Milky Way, the River of Life, the River of Stars,which, points the way to the Center of our galaxy, the Center of ourlittle part of the Universe, which leads to the center of theUniverse because it rotates around it.  So just like the hymn, we “gatherat the River which flows by the Throne of God.”

To listen to the hymn and read the lyrics as it plays, click here: Shall WeGather at the River

[Image] The four Great Archangels form a circle around the blinding white-blue light of the Creator’s Throne at the Center of the Universe, then the two Holy Archangels, Sandalphon and Metatron, take up positions above and below, making a grand six-sided sphere with blazing God & Goddess in the Center. All the angels (and any of us incarnated mortals that want to join in) stop what they are doing and “ascend” or travel to that “spot,” which really means they stop, meditate, and actually bring that spot, the Center of the Universe, to where they are.

The Elemental cross    , which perfectly represents the four Archangels surrounding the center,and which as you remember from your initiation is known as the signature for planet Earth, is also called the solar cross, especially in “pagan” circles. Such a title clearly points to the solar function, the height of the sun, and thus the Surge.

Here is how our Order of Angelic Allies marks the Sunday Surge.

A few minutes before noon, stand wherever you are (facing altar if at home).  Begin by acknowledging each of the seven directions with arms stretched in front of you, palms open and facing forward. East, south, west and north and then up down and when finally back to center fold your arms in an X across your chest, palms still open, but now flat against your upper chest, and slightly incline your head (nod). In each of the directions feel the strength, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, Auriel, Metatron, Sandalphon and back to center, the Divine Within.

Just at the moment of noon, kneel down and bow your head, really tuck itchin to chest — you are in the presence of the Divine, and the most ancientpower of Creation. You may kneel with one knee up, head bowed over it, andthe other knee down, or you may kneel in the traditional way. Keep your armscrossed across your chest in the X shape.  This is the special arm poseof angels, and we angelworkers adopted it centuries ago.  Angels dothe one knee up, one down kind of kneeling.  Do whichever feels rightto you, for your body type.  Feel the power engulfing you.

There is another version to honor the surge, a less obvious one whichyou can do while in public, even while driving when noon comes along.  Itis very simple.  Sit down and mentally imagine yourself doing exactlyas described above.  Feel your palms open and facing each direction,even though they really aren’t.  If you can, close your eyes to aidvisualizing this and bring your palms to your chest or at least fold yourhands in your lap.


Send your answers to the Mystery School with the subjectline: 3AA 1st Deg. Surge from ___________ (insert your magikalname)

1.  If you know the time of day you were born, please convert that toancient hours: in what hour of the day or night were you born?

2.  If you have any children, please convert their time of birth toancient angelic hours, too.

3.  Please practice the honoring of the Surge “technique” describedat the end of the lesson above.  Tell when and how you performed thissmall but significant rite.  Describe any feelings, impressions, or”seeings”.  Start a log and mark in it each time you perform this Rite,or record this in your magikal diary if you have one.

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