You will need the book,MaryMagdalene: Bride in Exile by our Order’sgood friend and mentor, Margaret Starbird

Intro Lesson

Chapter 1: Mary, Mary

Chapter 2: Apostle to the Apostles

Chapter 3:  Bride and Beloved

Chapter 4: Sophia, Spouse of the Lord

Chapter 5: The Fragile Boat

Chapter 6:  Desert Exile

Chapter 7:  The Beloved Espoused

Lesson 8:  Epilogue  

Lesson 9:  Artwork Survey

Extra Credit: Synopsis of CD Lecture

Presvytera Deborah writes:  Welcome to the mini-course based on Mary Magdalene Bride in Exile by Margaret Starbird.

I read this book in Summer of 2007. The book was a continuation of Starbird’s previous ones, with a theme of restoration of the divine feminine. I was intrigued by the idea of Jesus’ instruction to “follow the man with the pitcher of water” as a model for the new Age of Aquarius. Of course, with his connection to the Line of David and the esoteric leanings therein, I’m sure Jesus knew that he was the symbol of the Age of Pisces, and Aquarius was next. I had never made that connection before. (This reference is found near the very end of the book.) I thought the reference to the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11 was a little strained. Starbird also responds to her critics and refers to The DaVinci Code on a couple of occasions. These responses are in sync with the subject matter at hand and aren’t overly strident, in my opinion. The info here is presented in a forward-looking manner that encourages the reader to incorporate the concept of partnership into his/her own life. I would have liked that encouragement to be more forthcoming, but perhaps that’s Starbird’s plan for the next book!

I also liked her take on the gnostic Sophia business. As we’ve discussed, I’ve never liked the idea that the model for fallen humanity is a weak-willed female. But Starbird gives it a slightly different spin that makes the idea more tolerable.

I was also left aching for a partnership model in my own life. My first husband was Mr. Macho Man; the second was a sissy. Isn’t there anyone out there who is a real man, but also wants to demonstrate true partnership? If there is, he doesn’t live around here. Or at least I haven’t unearthed him yet. Big sigh.  Ah well, onto the first lesson…

3rd Deg Study Hall