Lady of Shalott a Guinevere by WaterhouseGuinevere was a redhead like Mary Magdalene, King Arthur wasour Celtic Jesus Savior, Merlin is Melchizedek (or Joseph of Arimethea?).The Holy Grail exists powerfully in both “myths.”

The Lady of Shalott

painting date: 1888

medium: Oil on canvas

size: 153 x 200 cm

location: Tate Britain, London, England

Photo Credit: Tate Gallery, London/Art Resource, NY

This painting is based on The Lady of Shalott by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

It illustrates the lines:

And down the river’s dim expanse
Like some bold seer in a trance,
Seeing all his own mischance –
With a glassy countenance
Did she look to Camelot.
And at the closing of the day
She loosed the chain, and down she lay;
The broad stream bore her far away,
The Lady of Shalott.

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