MM Anoints Jesus head in Bethany, from a frieze in the apse of Freeland Church OxfordshireRead Chapter 2: Apostle to the Apostles

Then answer the following questions. Send your answers to theAbbey Council, with your spiritualname and Bride in Exile 2 in the subject line.

1.  What group officially honors Mary Magdalene as “Apostle to theApostles”?

2.  T/F  All Jesus’ male disciples were present at his crucifixion.

3.  What does “pericope” mean?

4.  From what root does the word “apostle” come?

5.  In contrast to Peter, Mary apparently comprehends the teachings___________.

6.  By what act did Mary Magdalene prophetically proclaim the Messiah’simpending death?

7.  T/F  The anointing makes a definitive connection between Maryof Bethany and Mary Magdalene.

8.  What two people may have been the beloved disciple mentioned inJohn 13:27?

9.  T/F  Paul often discusses Jesus’ ministry.

10. Women were highly respected _________________ and __________________in their own right, and they played an important role in the_______________________ life of the Christian communities from their_______________________ .

11.  For how many years did stories about Jesus exist in an oral traditionbefore being written down?

12.  What Greek word means collective community?

13.  What legacy and authority are given to Mary Magdalene in the stainedglass window in theEgliseSaint Martin?

14.  What higher quest is represented by the effort to reclaim MaryMagdalene’s story?

Questions by Presvytera Deborah

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