MM Wearing Gold Brocade and PregnantRead Chapter 3: Bride and Beloved
Then answer the following questions. Send your answers to theAbbey Council, with your spiritualname and Bride in Exile 3 in the subject line.

1.  What esoteric principle is applied in the archetype depicted inSong of Songs?

2.  What type of clothing reflects Mary Magdalene’s position as theMessiah’s royal bride?

3.  Of what two things are vines symbolic?

4.  The letter ______ is a symbol of adherents to the medieval Churchof _________ who honored Mary Magdelene as __________.

5.  T/F  Pope Gregory I was the first to conflate Mary Magdaleneand Mary of Bethany.

6.  What does “the Magdalene” mean?

7.  What story survived forty years of oral history and is one of onlyfour stories to be featured in all 4 canonical gospels?

8.  What ointment was used in both Song of Songs and at Jesus’ anointing?

9.  With what ancient rite is anointing associated?

10.  What other combinations of gods and goddesses reflect the conceptof sacred marriage?

11.  The powerful anointing scenario in the gospels seems tantamountto a ____________ ________________ that Jesus came to embrace the ___________,and to reinstate the ancient model for _____________________ at the heartof the Christian story.

12.  Who was likely the model for the work of the traveling missionaryand his sister-spouse?

13.  T/F  Paul used Jesus as his model for celibacy.

14.  The mythic story was not merely about a ______________ _____________,but involved the harmonious dance and ____________ ________________ of_______________ _________________ manifesting as ______________ and________________ as well.

15.  T/F  Migdol, or Magdala, was known by another name in thefirst century AD.

16.  What Biblical text kept the translation of the town of Magdala,without consulting earlier texts?

17.  What does “Magdal-eder” mean?

18.  What word means husband as well as teacher?

19.  What number in gematria is associated with both the Magdalene andthe womb (or matrix, cauldron of creativity, vessel of the fish)?

20.  From what tribe was the family of siblings from Bethany?

21.  With what is the mustard seed related in Pluto’s Timaeus?

Questions by Presvytera Deborah

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