Magdalene, Sophia and Sophia's 3 daughters from a wall frescoRead Chapter 4: Sophia: Spouse of the Lord

Then answer the following questions. Send your answers to theAbbey Council, with your spiritualname and Bride in Exile 4 in the subject line.

1.  When was the Nag Hammadi library discovered?

2.  Gnostics believed that salvations was a soul’s journey toward__________________ ___________________ under the direct __________________and ______________________ of the risen Jesus Christ, through the actionof the ______________ ________________.

3.  What school of philosophy studies the symbolism of numbers?

4.  What idea was one of the hallmarks of early Christianity?

5.  What does “koinonos” mean?

6.  The sacred union is not only ________________ and ________________relationship, but one that manifests at all levels of __________________as well.

7.  What is a theophany?

8.  Name two different terms for Sophia.

9.  How is Sophia characterized in the Wisdom of Solomon?

10.  Jesus is presented at the redeemer of the fallen and devalued________________ ________________, most fully embraced in his relationshipwith ____________ ________________, whom he allegedly healed of possessionby seven demons, metaphorically _______________ and ______________________the feminine to her rightful status as __________________.

11.  What is the archetypal symbol of the Great Goddess known as thewomb or doorway to life?

Questions by Presvytera Deborah

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