Jesus and Mary Magdalene by James ChristensenReadChapter 5: The Fragile Boat

Then answer the following questions. Send your answers to theAbbey Council with your spiritualname and Bride in Exile 5 in the subject line.

1.  The resurrection elevated Jesus to the status of what pagan gods?

2.  T/F Pagan rites were antecedents of the Christian myths.

3.  Why did Mary Magdalene disappear from the record after the Resurrection?

4.  To where did Mary Magdalene (and possibly her family) likely flee?

5.  What color was associated with divinity?

6.  What animal is a symbolic reference to Osiris and Isis?

7.  What is the true Holy Grail?

8.  Saint Sarah’s existence in legend provides strong evidence thatbelief in the ______________ _______________ of Jesus and Mary Magdalenewas celebrated at all levels, and that the memory of this union was widelydispersed by means of an underground stream of ________________ teachings.

9.  What French dynasty used the fish as one of its emblems?

10.  What group is claimed to be the guardians of the Grail family?

11.  What was one of the tenets of faith of the Cathars?

12.  What acted as a flashcard catechism for the Grail heresy?

ESSAY:  Do you believe Jesus was married? Why or why not?

Presvytera Deborah writes:  My answer-Yes. Culturally in that time itwas assumed that a man would be married. If he had not been married, it wouldhave been noted. Also, the reactions of Mary of Bethany toward Jesus whenhe came to see Lazarus were the actions of a married woman toward her mate(a Jewish woman sitting shiva for her dead brother would have only exitedthe house in response to a call from her husband).

Questions by Presvytera Deborah

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