Asherah Spouse of Yahweh by Sandra StantonRead Chapter 6: Desert Exile

Then answer the following questions. Send your answers to theAbbey Council, with your spiritualname and Bride in Exile 6 in the subject line.

1.  What does Mary Magdalene represent in Christianity?

2.  What else does Mary Magdalene represent?

3.  To what should Mary Magdalene be restored?

4.  As the historical Mary Magdalene lived the archetypal pattern ofsacred union with the beloved on the ______________ and _______________ plane,the ____________________ Magdalene incarnates the same pattern at a___________________ and ____________________ level.

5.  What Greek god did the early Christians most associate with Jesus?

6.  List the similarities between the cult of Orpheus and Christianity.(You will find 10 of them listed.)

7.  What was the underlying mission of Jesus?

8.  To what was the Greco-Roman world dedicated?

9.  What two early philosophers had a passionate relationship with Sophia,the manifestation of the wisdom of God?

10.  What does “philosopher” mean?

11.  With whom is Sophia synonymous in Christianity?

12.  On what two levels can the myth of the fallen Sophia be read?

13.  Myth is not historical fact; it is a story that keeps repeatingover and over, an ___________________  ________________.

14.  What two legends are woven into the cult of the Black Madonna?

15.  What pagan festival is on February 2, the same day as Candlemas?

16.  What does the blackness of the bride in Song of Songs represent?

17.  What female goddess may have been worshipped as the consort ofthe Lord?

18.  Who was the later feminine counterpart of Yahweh?

19.  What does “tekton” mean?

Questions by Presvytera Deborah

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