Saint Barbara with Grail and TowerRead Chapter 7: The Beloved Espoused

Then answer the following questions. Send your answers to theAbbey Council with your spiritualname and Bride in Exile 7 in the subject line.

1. The equality of the the couple requires to be metaphysically anchoredin the figure of the ________________ ________________, the _____________of _______________.

2. With what two saints has Mary Magdelene’s image been compounded?

3. T/F The story of St. Barbara was a cover story to protect Mary Magdaleneand her connection to the Grail and its heresy.

4. What two exiles has Mary Magdalene suffered?

5. What groups have been the perennial custodians of the story of Mary Magdaleneand Jesus?

6. Who brought out the Grail story, only to be brutally suppressed?

7. What group of artists included Grail legends in their themes?

8. What color is associated with fertility and renewal?

9.  Name some examples of the vesica piscis shape.

10. Who was a favorite incarnation of the Lady of the Green?

11. The pyramid shape is the archetypal symbol for the ____________ __________,the creative _________________ energy of the cosmos.

12. What does the symbol of the compass and T-square represent?

13. With what was the bride identified in the ancient rites of sacred marriage?

14. What is the full meaning of incarnation?

15. What is the revealed paradigm for the kingdom or reign of God?

16. What is the first step in restoring “Paradise Lost”?

17. Why is worship of an exclusively male image of God dangerous?

18. What is the ancient symbol of hieros gamos?

19. What was Jung’s ultimate goal of enlightenment?

20. What three elements were originally at the spiritual core of the gospel?

21. When was clerical celibacy enforced?

22. T/F The story of the hieros gamos union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene isnot found in the gospels.

23. What zodiac sign is that of the next age?

Questions by Presvytera Deborah

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