Please read the Epilogue at the end of the book.

Then answer the following question. Send your answer to theAbbey Council, with your spiritualname and Bride in Exile Epilogue in the subject line.

Sum up your views of Mary Magdalene’s role in Christianity. Take a few paragraphsto do this, being sure to include information from this book in your answers.

(Presvytera Deborah writes: Answers will vary; here’s mine!) Mary Magdaleneis more than an historical figure. She embodies the feminine consciousness,just as Jesus models the masculine consciousness. I believe Jesus’ persecutionand death occurred as a result of his attempt to restore the feminineconsciousness. Preaching and teaching was all well and good, but the restorationof the partnership model was a huge challenge for a world built on the masculinepower principle. And those “powers that be” are still fighting for their”rights” today.

I am encouraged that Starbird’s work has helped many women understand theneed for the restoration of feminine consciousness. I will be even moreencouraged to see men stepping into that same position. Esoteric groups havekept sacred partnership alive, but they have mostly remained hidden. Perhapsthe turning of a new age will see their revelation as truth-keepers cometo the forefront.

Questions by Presvytera Deborah

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