Eastern Orthodox Icon Of MM Apostle to the ApostlesMARYMAGDALENE: BRIDE IN EXILE, Intro Lesson

Please Read the Introduction, pages 1-7. Then answer the following questions.Send your answers to the AbbeyCouncil, with your spiritual name and Bride in Exile Intro in the subjectline .

1.  T/F Jesus did not travel with women.

2.  On what four levels should Mary Magdalene’s influence and meaningbe examined?

3.  Mary Magdalene is the carrier of the powerful archetype of the________________  __________________.

4.  When did the Roman Catholic church acknowledge that no scripturalevidence could be found to support the idea that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute?

5.  What does the left hand symbolize?

6.  What does Margaret Starbird feel was lost when we lost Mary Magdalene?

7.  What medieval heresy reflects the interpretations of the promisesmade to King David about his heirs and their future dominant role?

8.  What is the Dompna?

Essay:   Do you agree that the removal of the divine feminine fromChristianity has altered its course? Why or why not? Please be sure to includeinformation you have learned in the Mystery School in your response.

(Presvytera Deborah writes: Answers will vary-here’s mine!) Yes, I do believethe removal and suppression of the divine feminine has altered the courseof Christianity. However, I believe the suppression of the divine femininehas also altered human history. Christianity has simply followed the tendencytoward the glorification of the masculine in human culture that has beenpresent since the early days of civilization. There is evidence that thedecline of the divine feminine led to the large settlements andgovernmental/religious power (some would say intrusion!) since the rise ofthe Sumerian empire around 3000 BC. But that’s a subject for another (muchlonger!) essay.

Questions by Presvytera Deborah

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