Mary Magdalene High Priestess Card done by OMM Priestess Noor using Photoshop

Greetings Priest/ess of the Holy Grail…

You’ve heard the phrase, “giving the third degree.” It comes from freemasonrywhere the 3rd degree is difficult to get into.  In this degree we getdown to some nitty-gritty college-level studies.  This is a hard one,we make ya work…we’re going to literally give you the third degree.

A.   Mary Magdalene Within,  a coursethat reveals MM dwelling in you, and bonds you with the Beloved (both hersand his!) while you’re at it

B.   Bride In Exile Course, based onMargaret Starbird’s wonderful book

C.   Lessons: Magdalene Evolving thru Art

D.   Tau Malachi’s Saint Mary Magdalene, acontemplative course

E.   Writing & Designing Assignments

F.    Workingwith Catechumens, OMM Postulants and 1st Degree Members, Grading papers,answering email questions

G.    Complete allthe Lessons and courses in the Presvyter/aStudyhall

Lessons Under Construction. For extra credit, you can finishthem!

Lesson: Camelot Parallels

Online Articles Needing Lesson Questions

The image above was created by Noor, one of our longtime order members whohappens also to be an anthropologist. She designed it to be a Mary MagdaleneHigh Priestess tarot card.  She says she then never finished the restof the tarot deck, but that’s okay. Her Ph.D. dissertation at the Univ. ofConnecticut is titled:  Life Since the Da Vinci Code: Mary MagdaleneDisciples in Cyberspace