Seven Day ArchangelInvocation
by Soror MajadBurne Jones, Anunciation

The purpose of this dedication is to put you in touch with the Angelic essenceof the Seven Great Archangels.  Being “connected” to these all importantchief angels is part of your work as an Angelic clergyworker.  Doingthis exercise actually helps you feel their presence — they DO answer suchcallings, such invocations.  Angels have had dealings with mankind formillennia and now, the modern day, is no different.  In fact, the pacehas been picking up.  So put your whole self into this seven day workingand see if you can “hear” or “see” them come into your daily life.



1) 7 tall white glass votive candles, these usually are found in dollar stores,if they don’t have the tall ones, the smaller ones will do.

2) One candle that represents you.

3) An incense, strongly suggested are Frankincense and Myrrh, Rose, orSandalwood.

4) A table or counter of some kind.

5) Copy of the Psalms.

6) Bowl

7) Holy Water

8) Kosher or sea salt (Morton’s Salt is always kosher)

9) Notepad and pen.



A ritual bath, with holy water and salt. To consecrate water and salt, firststart off with the salt, place 7 teaspoons of salt in a bowl. Point the firsttwo fingers of your right hand and say:

“Creature of salt, obey your creator! In the name of the Father (make signof the cross) The Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ, (sign of the cross) andthe Holy Spirit, I exorcise this salt from any artifice of evil and to beused for the glory of God’s service, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN”.

To consecrate the water is essentially the same:

“Creature of water, obey your creator! In the name of the Father (make signof the cross) The Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ, (sign of the cross) andthe Holy Spirit, I exorcise this water from any artifice of evil and to beused for the glory of God’s service, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN”.

Take the salt and place it in the water and cup your hands above it and say:

May the power and the glory and service be unto the Lord!

After the holy water is made you can use part of it to clean your altar andsprinkle the four parts of your room, make the sign of the cross with thewater, and then use the rest in a bath or pour it over your head in the shower,imagine the water to be golden and contain the essence of God.

In terms of preparing your table or altar, you can set it up very simpleor elaborate it with flowers, pretty tablecloths, religous Icons, photosor Angelic representations, magical tools.

Place the candle that represents you on the table, but don’t light it yet.

Get your incense ready and light it to sweeten the room.

Place a copy of The Psalms on your table. These are the corresponding psalmsfor each Angel on his day.

Sunday – Psalms 6

Monday – Psalms 31

Tuesday – Psalms 37 and 38

Wednesday – Psalms 50

Thursday – Psalms 101 and 102

Friday – Psalms 129-130

Saturday – Psalms 142 and 143

Take all your candles out but don’t put them all on your altar, you are onlylighting one candle a day for the ruling Archangel of the day. On each candleyou are too write the one name of the Archangel, the day it rules, your nameand a request on a piece of paper that corresponds to that Angels attributes.For example with Micheal, you would write on a piece of paper to “protectme” or “protect my family” or “protect me during a specific situation”.

Archangel     Day       Planet

Zaphkiel – Saturday – – Saturn

Raphael – Sunday – Sol

Gabriel – Monday – Luna

Haniel – Tuesday – Venus

Michael – Wednesday – Mercury

Zadkiel – Thursday – Jupiter

Cumael – Friday – Mars

Note: This is the oldest standard accepted spelling and correspondance ofthe 7 Archangels, you may be studying or relating to the same Angel undera revised name. Go with your what you have as your own correspondances ifit differs from the one above.

Let’s start off with Saturday, I will take my tall white glass candle andin magic marker, write the name of the Archangel on the glass candle , theday, which is Saturday (since it’s Saturday) and the planet I will writetoo. I may write a religous figure on it, like a cross underneath it, I alsowrite my own name or my family’s on the candle.

Place the candle unlit on your altar table. Sit at the altar and recite thePsalm of the day which would be Psalms 142 and 143. After the Psalms areread, light the candle that represents YOU first and recite:

“Glory to God, that is in my spirit, and the flame that eternally burns”

Then light the Angelic candle and say:

I (your name) proclaim and give glory to God for this day, I light this candleas a covenant to God and to his Angels that minister, heal and protect andteach. Zaphkiel, I call upon your name, to aid me, and be with me, in thename of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Let this flameburn for the Glory of the one true God, for he is three and he is one thatcreates all things, Amen, Amen, Amen!

Now Saturn, rules over destruction, so you may be thinking “Oh God, I invokeda destructive current”. NOT SO! It’s a destruction of what you deem is false,and unworthy, so perhaps on your piece of paper, you would write “destroynegative thoughts” or “destroy so and so habit”. After this invocation, readyour request and then burn it, or tear it up.

Research on what each Archangel attributes to, so you can write your requestsaccordingly. You can burn the candle for the day, or blow it out after yourinvocation. These candles are super potent and charged and can be used overand over again.

It’s important to log at least a page a day on your workings, and especiallynote any coincidences. Please send a report of these with short entries foreach day, to the Mystery Schoolwith the subject line “7 Day AA Working from ______ (your magikal name)”

Finis ~

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