Arch-Presvyter and Arch-Presvytera mean “High Priest” and “High Priestess”

Initiates who have gotten this far often request to join our seminarian Holy Orders program to become a priest or woman-priest with Apostolic Succession.

You’ve come a long way in the Way, and by now are a wayshower yourself — or
you wouldn’t be here.  Welcome to the advanced ecclesiastical study
hall of the Esoteric Church of the Way, a branch of our Esoteric Interfaith
Church, Inc.

There ain’t much in here anymore these days.  Just the following…

Myth & Ritual in Christianity, by Alan
W. Watts
Listen to at least two of the following
online lectures by Stephan Hoeller

We recommend: Gnosticism: New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing
Secret Sayings of YeSu: An Unknown Gospel of Jesus?
Write a report on any two of the many lectures. Post it to your Ning  Study Hall page