Asatru Teutonic Prayers


Valhalla, Runes say FreyaTeutonic* Prayers
*Teutonic refers to Northern European Pre-Christian people
and is sometimes used interchangeably with words like Asatru, Norse-Paganism,
Heathenism.  We prefer the term Teutonic just as their European
cousin tribe calls itself Celtic.

A Child’s Invocation
Odin and Ostara, lead me in the ways of the Gods. May I be honest
and true to my family and friends. Teach me to care for the animals,
trees, flowers and birds. Guard me and my family and may we always
have your blessings.
—From the Book of Blotar


Night has fallen, Day is flown
Holy Frigga, bless our Home
With Joy and Laughter, Love and Song
Frigga keep our Family strong.
Night has fallen, Day is flown
Holy Hammer, ward our Home
From Trolls and Thurses – Thunar keep
Our Family safe, so we can sleep.

—By Bernhard’s friend, Groa


Now I lay me down to rest,
Freyja guard me in my nest,
Above, below, and round about,
Keep all the things I fear without,
Bless those I love, And bless me too,
Dearest Freyja, I love you!

—Adapted by Thorleif, an Asatru Dad

Feast Blessing

arranged by Ari Odhinssen & Alfta Svanni Lothursdottir of

All-giving Nerthus*, as you share your crops
Seeds sown full blown to grain, to fruit, to honey
So we honor thee in fulfilling thy holy work
Through this gathering of feast and frith**
Hail thee Nerthus.

Meal Blessing

arranged by Ari Odhinssen
& Alfta Svanni Lothursdottir
All-giving Nerthus*,  as you share your crops
Seeds sown full blown to grain, to fruit, to honey
So we honor thee in fulfilling thy holy work
Through this meal eaten in frith**
Hail thee Nerthus

*Nerthus means “Earth.” Pronunciation: [Nare-thoos]. It
is from this Goddess’ name we get our English word, earth.
** frith is an Old Norse and Germanic Anglo-Saxon word pronounced
[Freethe]  It rhymes with the word breathe.  It evolved
into our English word “freedom.”


“Health, Wealth, Wisdom, Harmony, Security”
This is a basic all-purpose mantra-like affirmation to use while drifting off to sleep or taking a walk, doing methodical or monotonous chores.  You should set it to some kind of rhythm.

I say it quickly in an almost choppy manner:   Health Wealth Wis-dom Har-mon-y Se-cur-i-ty

Below are my connotations for some of the words.  Feel free to rearrange the order, add, subtract, or substitute other words. Choose words that flow right for you.

Health:  Basic health and well-being—emotional, mental and physical.  If you need healing, put that word in there, too.

Wealth:  you could use the word “prosperity,” but I liked its Anglo-Saxon feel of the word and the fact that it rhymes with Health.

Harmony:  as in family peace, harmony among relationships. If you are worried about world peace, you can think of it along those lines, too.

Security:  I use this word in the sense of physical safety, peace of mind, free from worry or fear.  You could use the word, “safety” instead.  I also like the idea of thread-bread-shed security, in other words freedom from survival monetary worries.

Here is the Northern European (Norse / Scandanavian pre-Christian) version. Thank you har-priestess Alfta Reginleif and har-priest Hringari who specially translated this for our Order
of the Northern Way.

The correct order is Wealth, Wisdom, Harmony, Security and Health. Said in this order it will perform a galdr (magikal operation) of prosperity and health for the person chanting them.

The Old Norse for these is as follows.

Fé, Vit, Friðr, Grið, Heill.

These would be pronounced like this:

Fay, Veet, Freeth, Greeth, Hayl.  (Please note -th endings are said like th in the word “the,” NOT like -th in the word,”with”)

It is important that they be said in this order. Otherwise things might get out of whack and a bad galdr (magikal operation) result. You can see some of the roots of Modern English. Fé is connected the word Fee, as in to charge a fee. Vit is connected to wit. Add a ‘th’ to the end of Heill and it is easy to see its connection. In addition to security, Grið means peace, truce and mercy, and there’s an Old English word, grith, that used to be in common use for those same words.



To ask for aid from Thor:

Hail Thor-show thy might,
Let thunder roar and lightning strike!
Hurl thy hammer into the fray,
And let thine enemies know fear this day!


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