I am Melchizedek, I am Aaron, Highpriest of the Eternal Ancient of Days

My God is Ahkenaton and Osiris (Ausar), Ptah and Amun-Re, Yahweh and El — names of the One God I serve. Hail Heavenly King.

His Consort & Beloved is Isis (Aset) Inanna, Hathor and Astarte, Asherah and Shekinah. Hail heavenly Queen. She is my Queen, serving her I serve my King.

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Hymns to Osiris
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You have heard of the Books of Moses, purportedly written by my younger brotherMoses, an adopted member of the Egyptian Royal family.  Moses, calledHapi-Mose by us in those days, was trained in the art of war and princelypursuits.  Now here is the Book of Avron, one of the priestly class,not warrior royal class.  Contrary to popular belief, the Hebrews werenot brick-making or monument building slaves.  We were scribes, priests,historians, librarians and museum caretakers.  Yes, even in those daysthere were museums in Egypt.  The Jews were well-known in the ancientworld for having the highest literacy rates.  All males were taughtto read, and were taught while still children–unheard of in other cultures.So the Hebrews were prized for their educated youth and were twice in theirhistory carried off into intellectual slavery to serve in temples and scribeschools in both Babylon and Egypt.

Moses didn’t know much magik or religion.  He was  not trained as a priest as I, Avron, was.  Our sister Miriam was a priestess of Isis and it is she who saved our brother from being sacrificed to the crocodile god of the Nile by putting him in a boat made of papyrus leaves, a plant abhorrent to crocodiles.  Periodically the pharoah would make such sacrifices, and when Mose (we called him Hapi-Mose) survived it, he was considered a gift of the gods to the Royal House and was raised as a prince, not as a member of the priestly class like the rest of our family.  Some other Hebrew families were engineers, jewelers and other craftsmen, but our family were always priests/priestesses.

No, my brother Moshe (as Hebrews pronounce and spell it) did NOT murder meas some say is implied in these verses.

Numbers 20:28 “And Moses stripped Aaron of his garments, and put them uponEleazar his son; and Aaron died there in the top of the mount: and Mosesand Eleazar come down from the mount.” Moses said god made Aaron die, butwe have to take Moses’s word for it. I believe Moses killed Aaron in a powerstruggle. Moses and Aaron were the only ones allowed to see god, so if itwas a hoax, they were the only ones who knew. The laws, the priesthood andall the murders and genocide were directed by Moses–and Moses said god madehim do it.

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Fertility & annual rejuvenation.  Around June20 the bright star Sirius first appears in the sky over Egypt after a longabsence below the horizon.  Shortly afterward the annual rise of theNile waters begins due to flooding caused by rainy season down in Africa(remember the Nile flows north).  The entire Nile valley is floodedand the people retreated to the edges of the flood basin until Septemberwhen they would return to the now black rich soil along the river and plant. Mud brick homes of the common man would be re-built every year. Osiris was associated with the fertile stream of the Nile.  Hedied and was resurrected every year.  Isis was associated with the StarSirius.  She appears and then resurrects him each year on June 20, theSummer Solstice (which is actually the “death” of the sun god since Dec.20 is the birth of the Light of the world, but to the Egyptians June 20 wasa time of death and rebirth).

The Exile.  The voluntaryseparation of Osiris and Isis forms a polarity of existence, a tension whichgives life to all creatures in between. (See mythology of ancient egypt,Osiris and Isis in worldbook online encyclopedia)

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Awaken Isis in the Morning, Show the Lord your Face. He watches thee fromafar, for the Exile separates you.

Each morning I call out:

Nehes, nehes, nehes
Nehes em hotep
Nehes em neferu
Nebet hotepet

Weben em hotep
Weben em neferu
Nutjert en Ankh
Nefer em pet!
Nefer em ta!

Pet em hotep
Ta em hotep
sat Nut
Sat Geb,
Merit Ausar

Nutjert asha renu!

Anekh hrak
Anekh hrak
Tu a atu
Tu a atu

Nebet Aset !

Awake, awake, awake
Awake in peace
Awake in beauty
Lady of Peace

Rise thou in peace
Rise thou in beauty
Goddess of Life
Beautiful in Heaven!
Beautiful on Earth!

Heaven is in peace
Earth is in peace
O Goddess,
daughter of Nut (SkyGoddess)
daughter of Geb (EarthGod)
Beloved of Osiris

O Goddess rich in names!

All praise to thee
All praise to thee
I adore you
I adore you

Lady Isis !

[Osirian Temple]
Ancient Temple of Osiris at
Abydos, north of Luxor on West
Nile bank. Called the Osirian,
this is one of the oldest
structures in Egypt. This temple
sits behind a newer yet also
ancient Osiris temple built by Seti 1.

The ancient egyptian language was derived partly from semitic languages andpartly from northern African languages. (semitic languages all come fromSW Asia–Syria, Tigris-Euphrates valley, etc.)

Deshret = desert = “red land”
Kemet = “black land”
Senet = board game similar to backgammon
nome = one of 42 provinces called nomes and ruled each by a governorcalled a Nomarch. Originally only 14 provinces based on the sanctuaries ofOsiris, a relic of his torn up body buried entombed in each to bring fertilityand his presence to those regions.
Ptah = creator god of Memphis (near spot where Cairo sits) Creatorof the Arts, oldest creator god in Egyptian civilization, first temples werebuilt to him around 3100 BC which is when Egyptian civilization was born.
Sa = soul.  The “soul,” sa, hasa precise meaning. It is the wave nature, the flow of the breath, of thespirit, the khu. The Hebrew word “ruach,” breath or spirit, preserves thismeaning. In Genesis, we are told that God’s breath, His “ruach,” moved acrossthe waters of chaos to begin the process of creation. The sages of On wouldhave agreed, saying that Re put forth his sa as he rose from the waters ofNun.
Selah = Rest, divine silence, No-thing, void
Nofretiri =
(1) Nof-air or breath,

(2) Re-sun or light,

(3) Nofret-female beauty,

(4) Iri-to make or create,

In full Nofretiri means “she maketh the sun to shine or give light in beauty”The initial part for breath could be likened to giving something impetusin bringing it to be or making it so.

Nefertiti  = Nefertiti, I believe means “she arises to come inbeauty of the sun”

Hetep Hena Merout = My end signature means “Peace and Love” whichare a good antidote for today’s problems.  I would welcome the articleon the connection betweenChristianity andEgyptian Religion. Some of the sayings of Christ I believe are takenfrom the teachings of the Egyptian Mysteries by which I consider him to bejustified in truth speaking or Maa Kheru.

Hetep Hena Merout,
Mary (nofretiriuk@yahoo.co )

Temple of Osiris at AbydosTemple of Osiris at Abydos

A common symbol of Osiris is a sacred box.  Such abox originally contained the head and hair of Osiris and was preservedat Abydos, where these relics were buried.  It was kept in the Holyof Holies in the Temple, a small inner shrine within the larger Temple building. The Hebrews later adapted this Temple style. 
[Image]More from the Abydos Temple of Osiris, notice the similarity to Stonehenge building style.  Ancient monolithic patterns often seem to match.


In some many ancient Etgyptian writings Osirisis referred to simply as “god.” No other god of the Egyptians was ever mentionedor alluded to in this matter, and no other god at any time in Egyptian historyever occupied exactly the same exalted position in their minds, or was thoughtto possess his peculiar attributes.

The hieroglyphs for his name are Throne-Eye, but their original meaning islost to history.  The Eye alludes to Ra, the Sun and “eye in the sky.” The throne is ambiguous to scholars, but we know it means his statusas God of Gods, Ruler, King of Kings.

“I am Yesterday, and I am Today ; I have the power to be born a secondtime. I the hidden Soul create the gods, and I sustain the divine beingswith the sacred meal.” —Osiris himself speaking.  Notice thathe makes mention of the Eucharist “meal.”

Osiris Khenti-Amentet, Un-nefer, lord of Tatcheser, the great god,king of the living.

Osiris’ original title of Khenti-Amentet means “Lord of the Western Darkness.”

Ptah-Sekri is called, “the lord of the hidden chest,” referring to the sacred box that held the relics of Osiris’ body. The relics at Abydos were said to be a head and hair.  The Knights Templar were said to have revered a head, a bearded head.  Osiris is always shown with a beard.  Theories abound regarding the Templar head, was it John the Baptist’s, Jesus Christ’s, whose?

Complete list of Osiris’ names.


We know from very interesting text at Dendera that duringthe month of Khoak a number of festivals were celebrated at all the chiefsanctuaries of Osiris in Egypt, and that elaborate ceremonies were performedin them in commemoration of every event which took place in te life, death,and resurrection of the god. In this text the uses of the various sanctuariesare described, adn detailed instructions are given for the making of thefuneral chest, and the model of the god which was to be buried in the coffin,and of the incense, and the amulets, and of the fourteen divine members,and all the materials, etc. which were employed in the ceremonies. On thexiith day of Khoiak the Festival of the Ploughing of the Earth and the Festivalof the Tena, were celebrated; on the xivth day the Great Festival of Pert; on the xvith day the Festival of Osiris Khent Amenti; on the xxivth daythe model of the god of the preceding year was taken out from its palce andburied suitably, and the new Osiris was embalmed in the sanctuary ; on thelast day of the month the Tet was set in Tettu, because on this day the divinemembers of Osiris were brought. The new Osiris remained for seven days becauseof the traditon which declared that the god had remained for seven days inthe womb of his mother Nut when she was with child.

In connection with the ceremonies in the great sanctuaries, e.g., Dendera,thirty-four papyrus boats were employed, and these were lit up with 365 lights,or lamps, The gods of Mendes, with Anubis, occupied one boat ; the remainingtwenty-nine boats were dedicated to the following gods : —- Mestha, Hapi,Tuamutef, Qebh-Sennuf, Sah-heq, Armauai, Maa-tef-f, Ast-sen-ari-tcher, Sem,Her-a-f, Sent, Ari-maat-f-tchesef, Sebakhsen, Heqes, Neter-bah, Qetet,Khenti-heh-f, Aq-her-am-unnut-f, Netcheh-Netcheh, Asbu, Per-em-khet-khet,Er ta-nef-nebt, Tesher-matti, Khent-het-Anes, Maa-em-qerh, An-f-em-hru-seksek.The above facts prove that in the Ptolemaic period the views which were heldgenerally about Osiris were substantially the same as those which were invogue in the times when the Pyramid Texts were composed, and it is clearthat the cult of Osiris was widespread even in the Vth Dynasty, or aboutB.C. 3500.

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Osiris was to the Egyptins the god-man who suffered, anddied, and rose again, and reigned eternally in heaven. They believed thatthey would inherit eternal life, just as he had done, provided that whatwas done for him by the gods was done for them, and they made use of amulets,and magical texts of all kind, and performed ceremonies connected withsympathetic magic in order that they might compel Osiris and the gods whohad brought about his resurrection {i.e., Thoth, “lord of divine words, thescibe of tyhe gods,” and Isis, who made use of the words with which Thothsupplied her, and Horus and his companion gods whpo performed the symbolicceremonies which were effectual in producing the reconstruction of the bodyof Osiris and its revivifcation} the act on their behalf even as they hadacted for the god. The species of the amulets used were constant, and theyappear to have sixteen in number, four figures of the children of Horus eachwith his characteristic head, four lapis-lazuli Tet pillars, two bulls, afigure of Horus a figure of Thoth, two carnelian Tet pillars, and twolapis-lazuli utchats.

According to Plutarch the number of portions into which Set tore the bodyof Osiris was fourteen , but the hieroglyohic texts give at tomes fourteenand at others sixteen ; the cities and santuaries these were buried are :

1.Ament of Koptos.

2. Aa-ab in Elephantine.

3.At-rut-f in Herkaleopolis Magna.

4. Kusae.

5. Heliopolis.

6. An-Ament in Sma-behutet {Diopolis of Lower Egypt}.

7. Letopolis.

8. Pa-Thuhen in Sais.

9. Meh-ta-f in Hermoplis of Lower Egypt.

10. Athribis.

11. Aq {Scedia}.

12. Ab, in the Lybyan nome.

13. Het-sera in the city of Netert.

14. Apis. (name of the sacred bull of Memphis)

In the late period of Egyptian history, i.e., in Graeco-Roman times, thesanctuaries of Osiris were fourty-two in number ; in other words, each nomepossessed its central shrine of Osiris, which was called a “Serapeum,” orthe place where Serapis was worshipped, but this happened because OsirisKhent Amenti was identified with Serapis, who was not the god Osiris himself,but only a dead Apis bull which had become an Osiris (Apis is the sacredbull of Memphis). It has already been said that in some lists the sanctuariesof Osiris are stated to be sixteen, because in the inscriptions at Denderawhich refer to the “mysteries” of Osiris, the statue of Seker-Osiris, whichplayed such a prominent part in the ceremonies performed there, was madeup of fourteen pieces, although sixteen members of the body of Osiris are:— his head, the soles of his feet, his bones, his arms, his heart, hisinterior, his tongue, his eye, his fist, his fingers, his back, his ears,his loins, his body, his head with the face of a ram, and his hair.  Thebody and the temple are often tied together in the human mind.  TheNew Testament says, “Your body is the temple of God,” and the Jerusalem Templeis believed by a few scholars now to have been a symbolic representationof the body of a human, either male or female.  Having body parts associatedwith Temples is an ancient way of saying that all of Egypt was Osiris’ bodyand the parts were carefully placed in those regions as symbols because oneregion was said to be “the head” and another the “feet” of the nation andso on.

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Temples were believed to be the dwelling place of the God/dess.There were no public “services”at the Temples, people prayed at home. Priests& priestesses held constant vigils, prayers and regular rituals to honorthe deity of each Temple. The common man or woman often submitted specialprayer requests and gave offerings to theTemple.

The four children of Horus:  Mestha, Hapi, Tuamutef,and Qebhsennuf are the gods or angels of the four cardinal points.  (NoteMoses was called Hapi-Mose in Egyptian).

Resurrection Ritual:  the Opening the Mouth:  19. Osiris, bearded,lying on his bier, which rests within an elaborately ornamented funeral chest; beneath the bier are a number of helments, caps, etc. belonging to thegod. Through one end of the chest Heru-netch-tef-f- thrusts his lance, andtouches the face of Osiris with it, with the view, presumably, of effectingthe opening of the mouth.”  (see http://touregypt.net/osirfun.htm ).

HYMNS TO OSIRIS:                 
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Invocation to Osiris: (note the Eucharistic “sacrifice” theme, breadand wine)  
“I am Osiris Onnophris who is found perfect before the Gods. I hath said:These are the elements of my Body perfected through suffering, glorifiedthrough trial. The scent of the dying Rose is as the repressed sigh of mySuffering. And the flame-red Fire as the energy of mine undaunted Will. Andthe Cup of Wine is the pouring out of the blood of my heart, sacrificed untoRegeneration, unto the newer life. And the bread and salt are as the foundationsof my body, which I destroy in order that they may be renewed.

For I am Osiris Triumphant. Even Osiris Onnophris the Justified One. I amHe who is clothed with the body of flesh yet in whom flames the spirit ofthe eternal Gods. I am the Lord of Life. I am triumphant over Death, andwhosoever partaketh with me shall with me arise. I am the manifester in Matterof Those whose abode is the Invisible. I am the purified. I stand upon theUniverse. I am it’s Reconciler with the eternal Gods. I am the Perfectorof Matter, and without me the Universe is not.”        From:  http://www.golden-dawn.org/osiris.html

HYMN to Osiris
“Homage to thee, O Osiris, the lord of eternity, the kingof the gods, thou who hast many names, whose forms of coming into being areholy, whose attributes are hidden in the temples, whose Double is most august(or venerated). Thou art the Chief of Tettu (or Busiris), the Great One whodwelleth 2. in Sekhem (Letopolis), the lord to whom praises are offered inthe nome of Athi, the Chief of the divine food in Annu (On, or Heliopolis),and the lord who is commemorated in the {Hall (or City) of} two-fold Rightand Truth. Thou art the Hidden Soul, the lord of Qereret (Elephantine), theholy one in the city of the White Wall (Memphis), the Soul of Ra, and thouart of his own body. Offerings and oblations are made to thy satisfactionin 3. Sutenhenen (Herakleopolis), praise in abundance is bestowed upon theein Nart, and they Soul hath been exalted as lord of the Great House in Khemennu(Hermopolis). Thou art he who is greatly feared in Shas-hetep, the lord ofeternity, the Chief of Abtu (Abydos), thy seat extendeth into the land ofholiness (Underworld), and thy name is firmly established in the mouth ofmankind. 4. Thou art the substance of {which were made} the two lands (i.e.,Egypt), thou art Tem, the divine food of the doubles, thou art the chiefof the company of the gods, thou art the operative and beneficent Spiritamong the spirits, thou drawest thy waters from the abyss of heaven, thoubringeth along the north wind at eventide and air for thy nostrils to thesatisfaction of thy heart. 5. Thy heart germinateth, thou producest the lightfor divine food, the height of heaven and the starry gods obey thee, thouopenest the great pylons {of heaven}, and thou art he unto whom praises aresung in the southern heaven, and to whom adorations are performed in thenorthern heaven. The stars which never set 6. are under the seat of thy face,and the stars which never rest are thy habitations; and unto thee offeringsare made according to the decree of the god Seb.

The company of the gods sing praises unto thee, and the starry gods of theUnderworld bow down with their faces to the earth {before thee}, the endsof the earth prostrate themselves before thee, and the bounds of heaven makesupplication unto thee 7. when they see thee. Those who are among the holyones are in awe of thee, and the two lands in their length and breadth ascribepraises unto thee when they meet thy majesty, O thou glorious master, thoulord of masters, who art endowed with divine rank and dignity, who art stablishedin {thy} rule, thou beautiful Sekhem of the company of the gods, who artpleasant of face, 8. and art beloved by him that looketh upon thee. Thouputtest thy fear in all the lands, and by reason of love for thee all {men}proclaim thy name as being above that of every name. All mankind make offeringsunto thee, O thou lord who art commemorated in heaven and in earth, and whoart greatly praised in the Uak festival, and the two lands with one consent9. cry out unto thee with cries of joy, O thou great one, thou chief of thydivine brethren, thou prince of the company of the gods, thou establisherof Maat throughout the two lands, who placest thy son upon the great throneof his father Seb, the darling of his mother Nut.

O thou great one of two-fold strength, thou has cast down Seba, thou hastslain 10. thine enemy, and thou hast set thy fear in thy foe. Thou bringest{together} remote boundaries, thou art firm of heart, thy two feet are liftedup, thou art the heir of Seb and of the sovereignty of the two lands, whohath seen thy power and hath given command for thee to lead 11. the two landsby thy hand until the end of time. Thou hast made the earth in thy hand,and its waters, and its air, and its green herb, and all its cattle, andall its birds, and all its fishes, and all its reptiles, and {all} itsfour-footed beasts. The desert is thine by right, O son of 12. Nut, and thetwo lands are content to make him to rise up upon the throne of his fatherlike Ra. Thou risest in the horizon, thou givest light through the darkness,thou makest light to spread abroad from thy plumes, and thou floodest withlight the two lands like the 13. Disk at the beginning of sunrise. Thy crownpierceth heaven, thou art a brother of the starry gods, and the guide ofevery god, and thou dost work by decree and word, O thou favoured one ofthe company of the gods, who art greatly beloved by the Lesser Company ofthe gods.

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From Mummy Returns promotional webpage…
Long before the Psychic Friends Network, the ancient Egyptians devised anintricate library of spells, incantations, potions, stories and rituals which,if implemented correctly, promised a vigorous love life, financial success,good health and a whole world of other present and future remedies. WithBrendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz and WWF superstar The Rock coming to theatersin The Mummy Returns, we figured that the time was right to excavate someof these enchantments for the good fortune of the general public.

Find an empty room and give ’em a try. Who knows, they might actually work.

[Note: Many spells of ancient Egypt were adopted by the Greeks, and as aresult one of the most reliable sources for ancient Egyptian spells is adocument called the Papyri Graecae Magicae.]


“Love Spell to Compel a Woman”

Hail to you, O Re-Horakhte, Father of the Gods!

Hail to you, O Seven Hathors, who are adorned

with strings of red thread! Hail to you, Gods,

lords of heaven and earth! Make (the victim’s name)

born of (her mother’s name) come after me, like an

ox after grass, like a maidservant after her children,

like a herdsman after his cattle! If she is not made

to come after me, then I shall set fire to

(the sacred city of) Busiris and burn up Osiris!

Source: Professor Robert Ritner, University of

Chicago Oriental Institute

“A Love Charm”

Make a figure of a dog eight fingers long out of wax and gum. Write magicalwords on the figure where the ribs are. On a separate lead tablet, writethe names of the demons who are being called upon to assist. Then place thetablet on a tripod and the dog on the tablet. Recite the words of power writtenon the side of the dog and the names written on the tablet.

If the dog snarls the spell will not be successful.

If it barks it will be a success.

Source: Ancient Egyptian Magic


“Business Spell”

Take Orange Beeswax and the juice of the Aeria Plant and of Ground Ivy, mixthem, and fashion a Figure of Hermes having a hollow bottom, grasping inhis left hand a Herald’s Wand and in his right a small Bag. Write on HieraticPapyrus these Names, and you will see Continuous Business: “CHAIO’CHENOUTIBILMEMNOUO’TH ATRAUICH. Give Income and Business to this place, becausePsentebeth lives here.” Put the Papyrus inside the Figure and fill in thehole with the same Beeswax. Then deposit in a wall, at an inconspicuous place,and crown Him on the outside, and sacrifice to Him a cock, and make a DrinkOffering of Egyptian Wine, and light for Him a Lamp that is not colored Red.Source: Papyri Graecae Magicae

“Spell for Assertiveness”

Greetings, Lord, You who are the Means to obtain Favor for the Universe andfor the Inhabited World. Heaven has become a Dancing Place for You, ARSENOPHRE’,O King of the Heavenly Gods, ABLANATHANALBA, You who possess Righteousness,AKRAMMACHAMAREI, Gracious God, SANKANTHARA, Ruler of Nature, SATRAPERKME’PH,Origin of the Heavenly World, ATHTHANNOU ATHTHANNOU ASTRAPHAI IASTRAPHAIPAKEPTO’TH PA…E’RINTASKLIOUTH E’PHIO’ MARMARAO’TH! Let my Outspokennessnot leave me. But let every Tongue and Language listen to me, because I amPERTAO’ [ME’CH CHACH] MNE’CH SAKME’PH IAO’OYEE’ O’E’O’ O’E’O’ IEOYO’E’IE’IAE’AIE’O’YOEI, Give me graciously whatever You want.

Source: Papyri Graecae Magicae

“Spell to Achieve Invincibility”

Ho [name]! You are a god and you shall be a god, you shall have no foes oropponents with Re who is in the sky or with Osiris the great god who is inAbydos. Source: Ancient Egyptian Magic

“Your Great Name, for Favor”

Everyone fears Your Great Might. Grant me the Good Things: The Strength ofAKRYSKYLOS, the Speech of EUO’NOS, the Eyes of Solomon, the Voice of ABRASAX,the Grace of ADO’NIOS, the God. Come to me, Kypris, every day! The HiddenName bestowed to You: THOATHOE’THATHO- OYTHAETHO’USTHOAITHITHE’THOINTHO’;grant me Victory, Repute, Beauty toward all Men and all Women! Source: PapyriGraecae Magicae


“Spell for Fever”

O Tireless One, KOK KOUK KOUL, save Tais whom Taraus bore from every ShiveringFit, whether Tertian or Quartan or Quotidian Fever, or an Every-other-dayFever, or one by Night, or even a Mild Fever, because I am the ancestral,tireless God, KOK KOUK KOUL! Immediately, immediately! Quickly, quickly!

Source: Papyri Graecae Magicae

“Spell for Coughs”

In Black Ink, write on Hyena Parchment: “THAPSATE STHRAITO'” — or as I foundin another: “TEUTHRAIO’ THRAITEU THRAITO’ THABARBAO’RI [symbol: an X in acircle] LIKRALIRE’TA – deliver NN from the Cough that holds him fast.”

Source: Papyri Graecae Magicae

“Spell for Scorpion Sting”

“OR OR PHOR PHOR SABAO’TH ADO’NE SALAMA TARCHEI ABRASAX, I bind you, Scorpionof Artemisia, three-hundred and fifteen times, on the fifteenth day of Pachon…”

Source: Papyri Graecae Magicae

“Spell for Strength”

“PHNOUNEBEE (2 times), give me Your Strength, IO’ ABRASAX, give me Your Strength,for I am ABRASAX!” Say it 7 times while holding your two Thumbs.

Source: Papyri Graecae Magicae


“Spell to Drive Off a Cockroach”

Keep away from me, lips of crookedness. I am Khonsu, lord of the circuit,who brings the words of the Gods to Re, I report the message to its Lord.

Source: Ancient Egyptian Magic

“Spell to Avoid Decapitation”

…My head will not be cut off,

my neck will not be severed,

my name will not be unknown among spirits…

Source: Ancient Egyptian Magic

“Request for a Dream Oracle”

Take a clean linen bag and write upon it the following names: Armiuth,Larlamchouch, Arsenophrephren, Phtha, Archentechtha. Fold it up and makeit into a lamp-wick, and set it alight, pouring oil over it. Then in theevening, when you are going to bed, which you must do without touching food[or pure from all defilement], do thus. Approach the lamp and repeat seventimes the formula given below; then extinguish it and lie down to sleep.

The formula is this: Sachmu…epaema Ligotereench: The Aeon, the Thunderer,Thou hast swallowed the snake and dost exhaust the moon, and dost raise upthe orb of the sun in his season, Chthetho is thy name; I require, O lordsof the gods, Seth, Chreps, give me the information I desire.

Source: Ancient Egyptian Magic

“Spell for Not Eating or Stepping in Excrement”

My abomination is my abomination; I will not eat my abomination. Dung ismy abomination; I will not eat it. Ordure — none shall drop into my belly.I will not touch it with my hands; I will not step on it with the soles ofmy feet.

Source: Ancient Egyptian Magic

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