Celtic Clergy

Are you a working Bard, Ovate, or Druid?

You can become certified and legally ordained as a Druid, Dryad or Druida (female Druid titles) or other Celtic clergy-member. When filling out the application choose “other” when it asks you what title you want to be legally ordained as. In the “other” box, type in the Celtic clergy title of your choice. See our Become an Ordained Minister for more information on the advantages of getting the clergy credentials.

Please Note: The Celts were one group of Tribes in Europe, but the Teutons were another even larger group of Tribes stretching from Spain to Scandinavia and all over Britain. The Celts and Teutons were cousins, though, and shared many beliefs. Many Americans of Anglo-Saxon , Norman or French descent have a little of both in them, but mostly Teuton. Those of Irish or Welsh descent are mostly Celtic, but probably have some Teuton in there, too.