to the

Esoteric Mystery School!

If you haven’t already, please join whatever Mystery School
Discussion Forums  you want. You are required
to join the one called
Esoteric Christians
 because that’s the School’s official announcement list for
the entire membership.

Here is the link to the Catechumen Lessons.
Your user name is catechumen and the
password is fish (all lower case letters). Just enter the password on the page.

You will be sent an email with details and instructions regarding
lesson submission and required books. We will also send you an invitation to join the Mystery School’s exclusive Ning forum where we will set you up with your own MemberFiles “group” inside which you will post all your assignments.

You should get an email from a real person within the next 24 hours. (Sometimes we are lazy on Sundays
and don’t log on, so be patient if you signed up late on a Saturday night).


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