Biblical Healing Arts Course

Lesson 1
by Lady Electa

Has God called you to be aHealer?

Read1 Corinthians Chapter 12

Now please read the exact same Book andChapterfrom The Message Bible

From this scripture we can see that not everyone is given the gift of healing.

Following the soul-searching pattern of the great healer Yeshua himself,please spend the next forty days finding out if this is the gift given toyou.

Each day you should spend at least 30 minutes praying/meditating asking Godif this is your divine-sent gift of the spirit.  After Jesus’ baptismand before he started his ministry he spent forty days in the desert. Therehe faced temptation or “testing”. So be prepared, you most probably willexperience some activity from forces that will want to lure you away, distractyou, convince you that you’re too weak for this calling or worse yet whisperin your ear that you will become great and have a powerful and famous position(temptation). Your ego will not respond to these lures and whisperings aslong as you don’t let it.  

Exercise:   Read Matthew 4, Mark 1:12-13, and Luke 4:1-13 tosee just how Yeshua dealt with the exact same testing then view all the artworkat the bottom of this page.

During this time you are required to keep a mind-body-soul-spirit journal– aka logbook — aka diary. Every day write down/type up what youexperience throughout your day, be it in the physical realm (body), mentalrealm (thoughts, ideas, knowledge, conclusions), the soul-emotional-desirerealm (feelings, fears, worries, loves) and spirit realm (impressions,intuitions, inspirations, realizations).  Also write down/type up anyinformation you are given during your prayer/meditation time. If youare a dreaming person, record any dreams that you think might have meaningor messages.

Every five days send an email to theMystery School with a summaryof what has gone on during the past five days.  If you are internetsaavy you may use one of those online Journals — journaling they call it– and tell us how to go read your journal.  Lady Electa, the HealingInstructress will receive all your emails and Dr. Katia will also reviewthem.  So if you have questions at any time, email us. We are here foryou.

May Blessings Be Upon You As You Take ThisJourney

Satan tempting Jesus by Jeff Larsen See for more great biblical cartoons

By Duccio di Buoninsegna, Italian 1255-1318

Icon by Duccio di Buoninsegna, [Italian, 1255-1318]

Bible Story Card Jesus' Tempation from

The Bible Story Cards are for children.  The link above takes you toa lesson about Yeshua’s temptation and offers a printable version of thiscard to color!

When he emerged from the desert, his healing practice began. The temptationwas like an initiation, and certainly could be considered a testing timeto test his determination and desire to be a healer.  He went on toheal people mind-body-soul and spirit, not just physically.  This coursewill cover all of the known techniques used by Yeshua and all of the unknownones, too.

     Jesus Heals a blind man      

Subj: OMM/ArchDiakon Grail Techniques from D. Deborah

Date: 10/7/2004


Some notes on healing: Charismatic churches specialize in this, so [as a20 year ex-Charismatic] I have some comments that might be helpful.

1) Laying hands on a person is done to establish a point of contact betweenthe ailing individual (or sometimes someone “standing in proxy”) and God.The person praying is like a conduit of God’s power. It reminds me of themagician card in the Tarot–as above, so below, the magician conducting thatpower from heaven to earth. Some folks try to touch the area that’s ailing.This isn’t necessary, for several reasons. First, we’re talking about spiritualthings here–God can heal from anywhere; the point of contact is mostly forthe person receiving prayer, not necessarily to actually touch the problem.Second, sometimes the problem is unknown, or unaccessible (how do you touchsomeone’s intestines?), or inappropriate (especially in male-female situations).Third, often the problem stems from something else–the individual requestingprayer may not really know why something is happening. So as long as you’remaking contact, that’s fine. The exception would be if you feel led (byintuition, Holy Spirit, whatever you want to call it) to touch someone ina specific spot. Then go for it (asking for permission if it’s a sensitivespot).

2) Listen to what the Spirit says, not just the person’s words. This takespractice. You have to learn to “read between the lines”, in a sense. Thenrespond according to the Spirit, not just repeating a ritual or formula.

3) Keep your eyes open to note the person’s response. A lot of charismaticspray with their eyes shut, which can cause you to miss important visual clues.

4) Stick with it! Don’t stop until you feel led to stop.

5) Quit when the Spirit says quit. This may seem like a contradiction ofno. 4, but it’s not. Listening to what God says will keep you from spendingtoo much time when it’s not needed.

6) If healing is not completed it’s not necessarily anyone’s fault. Somechurches give you the feeling that if you’re not healed, you lack faith,or the person praying lacked faith. A good explanation for a lack of resultsis that we are in the in-between time. Yes, Jesus has come and given us goodexamples and instructions. But he has not yet returned to set up his kingdom(whatever your view on that!); we are not in heaven, or a new Jerusalem,yet. In other words, although we have information available, we are not yetfully in our powers. More work to do! It’s important not to blame yourselfor others. It’s really a situation where God only knows why some people arehealed and others aren’t.