Comparative Religion
The Eucharistic Theme of Osiris and other gods

Invocation to Osiris:  
“I am Osiris Onnophris who is found perfect before the Gods. I hath said:These are the elements of my Body perfected through suffering, glorifiedthrough trial. The scent of the dying Rose is as the repressed sigh of mySuffering. And the flame-red Fire as the energy of mine undaunted Will. Andthe Cup of Wine is the pouring out of the blood of my heart, sacrificed untoRegeneration, unto the newer life. And the bread and salt are as the foundationsof my body, which I destroy in order that they may be renewed.

For I am Osiris Triumphant. Even Osiris Onnophris the Justified One. I amHe who is clothed with the body of flesh yet in whom flames the spirit ofthe eternal Gods. I am the Lord of Life. I am triumphant over Death, andwhosoever partaketh with me shall with me arise. I am the manifester in Matterof Those whose abode is the Invisible. I am the purified. I stand upon theUniverse. I am it’s Reconciler with the eternal Gods. I am the Perfectorof Matter, and without me the Universe is not.”        From:

* * * * * * * * * * *

While reading the above you no doubt noticed the Eucharistic “sacrifice”theme, the “partaking” and that ever present bread and wine. The words arevery poetic, the metaphor about the dying Rose gets my attention each time.


What line or lines appealed to you the most?  Tell why, how they madeyou feel.  (Okay, so religion has some “touchy-feely” stuff in it).


You probably noticed the “Other Gods” at the end of this lesson title.  Wejust looked at Osiris, and we thank the Golden Dawn for their eloquence. Now, please do thou an Internet Search and try to find at least twoother gods/goddesses for whom Bread and Wine is used to honor.  YouMUST give the URL’s and you must write at least two paragraphs about eachdeity explaining how the bread and wine was used for them, the significance,etc.

Extra Credit:  Try your hand at composing a short prayer to honor oneof the deities you discover, a prayer which might actually be used duringthe celebration of the Eucharist.
Send all of the above answers to theMystery School with the subjectline:  AOM 1st Deg. Lesson 7 from _____ (your magikal name)