Lesson 12
Banner Rings

Read Chapter 12 of Donald Tyson’s book, Power of the Name, formerly titled Tetragrammaton.

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1. Why does a serious ritualist require a set of rings? To work with __________and their associated  angels,______________.

2. What should be engraved on the bezels of the gold rings?
a) The twelve convert Banners of Tetragrammaton
b) The twelve overt Banners of Tetragrammaton

3. T/ F All of the overt letters and angels of mercy must be engraved in Hebrew letters.

4. Write in the correct answer.
a) For the zodiac sign Taurus the moon sign letters are: _________
b) For the Sun letters of Virgo the letters are:____________
c) Both the gold and silver letters for Aquarius are:________and________

5. Are the H’s (boldface or plain) distinguished when engraved on the ring?

6. What does each gold ring represent?

And what is this analogous to?

7.What does each silver ring represent?

And what is this analogous to?

8. What in human psychology do the overt Banners and sun relate to?
a) inspiration, love, will
b) consciousness, will, and inspiration
c) empathy, self-determination, and inspiration

9. T/F The angels of mercy are active agents of the universe.

10. List the characteristics of the Overt Banners and the Occult Banners.

11. Tyson says that the angels of the occult Banners are not really evil.

So if they are not evil, what do they control?

12. List the 5 archetypal potencies: ____________

13. List the 5 forces of the right pillar that arise from the (higher) conscious part of the mind, the light half:_____________

14. What authority rules and controls the Wings of the Winds?

15. Which beings are of a more holy nature than the Wing of the Winds?

And how many of them are there?

16. Name the 3 planets that represent the sect of the sun.

Name the 3 planets that represent the sect of the moon.

17. Which planet belongs to both the sect of the sun and the sect of the moon?

18. Fill in the missing words. ‘It is the _________of solar and lunar forces,where these powers mingle and __________with each other.

19. Who made the astrological glyph of Mercury the dominant component of his monad?
a) Tyson
b) Frater Achad
c) Dee
d) Eliphas Levi

20. T/F When Tyson speaks of Christ he means the embodiment of the ‘Ain Soph Aur’

21. What was the first sin committed by Adam?

22. Why is the right index finger important when wearing the solar rings?

23. Fill in: On June 22nd the Sun enters_______________ Aquarius enters the sun on__________ .

24. What do you think an ephemeris is?

Yes/or No: There are ‘ephemeris’ guides on the internet.

25. Which finger are the silver lunar ring worn on the left hand?
a) thumb
b) index finger
c) middle finger
d) little finger

26. What is the zodiac sign the moon has to continue through which is linked to social status and material responsibility?

27. What is a sidereal month?

28. T/F A ring is worn on the index finger only when doing magickal work.

29. The Roman Catholic Pope and every Bishop and crown Princes all wear gold rings on their hands. Explain the possible connection between this and when a magickian also wears a golden ring.

30. If the entry of the moon occurs in the night should the gold ring be inscribed then? yes/no

31. How long does it take an entire set of the 24 Banner rings to make?
a) 6 months
b) 24 months
c) 12 months

32. Between the days of the months when each set of rings is inscribed the magickian should be doing various spiritual things. What should he/she be doing?

Questions by Rev. Diakonissa Rhonda

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