THE STORY OF NERGAL AND ERESHKIGAL, Re-enchanting the Mesopotamian World

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Presvytera Deborah writes: ┬áThis story is from Ancient Assyria, in thenorthern part of the Mesopotamian region. The Assyrians held sway over thisregion for many years, culminating in their displacement and dispersal ofthe Northern Tribes of Israel in the 7th century BCE. Shortly thereafterthe Babylonians swept through area. However, the Assyrians were part of theMesopotamian political struggles for several centuries. One version of thisstory was written down about four hundred years after the lives of Abramand Melchizedek; they would have been aware of the oral tradition of thisstory, which is why it is included in this lesson. This will give you a tasteof the mythology of Melchizedek’s world, as well as indicate the depth ofunderstanding of these peoples. (Primitive does not mean stupid; in someways they were more in touch with spiritual things than we are now.)

After reading the article, copy and paste the following questions to a newe-mail, answer them, then send to the Mystery School with the following subjectline: AOM 2 Ereshkigel from _________ (your magikal name).

1. Who is Ereshkigal?

2. Who is Nergal?

3. Ereshkigal’s surrender to Nergal is not an act of ______________. Instead,she gives up _____________ in order to be _____________ by her beloved’s____________ without losing sight of her own __________________.

4. T/F The Underworld can be a place for love and passion side by side withjustice and balance.

5. What are the dates given for the two versions of this myth?

6. What was the first major sign of healing for Ereshkigal?

7. What usually happens to those who eat and drink in the Underworld?

8. Who is Ereshkigal’s twin?

9. Why did Nergal only stay for six days the first time?

10. Only a civilization that had acquired substantial _____________ and__________________ refinement could free the _________________, the Landof ________________ Memory, ___________________, and the ___________ fromthe chains of guilt, damnation and hell fires. religious; metaphysical;

Essay: How do you think myths like these would have afftected the religiousviews of Melchizedek and Abram?

[Personally I think they give a sense of balance between male and female;they also show that death is not to be feared (though we obviously need torespect its power).]

Lesson by Presvytera Deborah