The Canaanite God ElCanaanite Geography and History

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UPDATE:  In 2003 Dr. Spencer Wells, geneticist and historian, provedusing DNA that the modern Lebanese people, both Christians and Muslims. arethe same people as the ancient Caananites (Biblical name for the Phoenicians)which are the same people as the ancient Phoenicians, builders of Carthageand sea traders whom the Romans were so jealous of they once captured anentire Phoenician fleet and copied it plank by plank.  Many of the ChristianLebanese descend directly from the time of Jesus and some married Crusadersand have some European DNA in there.  Sadly, many have been chased outof Lebanon when once they held the majority.

HISTORICAL DISCLAIMER:   Deborah Presvytera writes:  As you readthrough articles on the Ancient Near East, you will find some discrepanciesin the “historical” information given. Remember that all history is notnecessarily objective. Also keep in mind that some of this information isbeing reconstructed from archeological finds and new translations of ancientlanguages (which in themselves are highly subjective, despite their claimsof scientific objectivity). On top of all that, we’re dealing often withfolks who have an agenda, often religious, to bend the information to fittheir needs. Whew! We’ll try to work through these issues together. If youhave any questions, do a little digging first to see what you can find; ifyou’re still puzzled, please ask!  This lesson and the article givesan adequate overview, though the article is not always exact (a problem withmuch of so-called history; not everyone has their facts straight). I do thinkit’s a good start on understanding Melchizedek and his world, though.

1. Geographically, where is Canaan (between what cities and geographicalfeatures)? Sidon on the north, Gaza on the south, Mediterranean on the west,Jordan on the east

2. Canaan before the Hebrews had been a collection of ___________ states

3. What are the Tel-El-Amarna tablets? letters from Egyptian governors tokings of Assyria, Babylon, and other places

4. T/F Canaanite civilization was backward and undeveloped. false

5. When was “1000 years before David and Solomon”? Check a Bible timelineif you’re not sure. Most study bibles have them, as well as bible study aids.about 2000 BCE

6. Canaan was the land promised to ______________ and the ________________.Abraham, patriarchs

7. Why did Abraham’s descendants leave Canaan? famine

8. What is the name of the Canaanite god pictured at the bottom of the webpage?

Questions by Presvytera Deborah