Last Supper by LeonardoCould Mary Magdalene Be The Author of the Fourth Gospel?

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1. The Fourth Gospel, once universally believed to have been authored by_______ of _________.

2. What is the name of the community reportedly founded by John of Zebedee?

3. T/F The Fourth Gospel was authored by an anonymous follower of Jesus referredto in the Gospel text as the Beloved Disciple.

4. What passage clearly refers to the anonymous disciple as “the disciplewhom Jesus loved”? The disciple is sitting next to Jesus during the LastSupper. Peter nods to the disciple to get him to ask Jesus for the identityof his betrayer.

5. T/F Jesus apparently did not object to men and women sharing power andpositions of leadership.

6. Was there a strong connection between the Gospel of John and early Gnostics?

7. T/F Gnostics believed in the equality of men and women as leaders andprophets.

8. The church tradition that established ______ as the author of the FourthGospel was based, primarily, on _________’ childhood recollections! It ismainly for this reason, in the __________ of other ________ _________, thatthe majority of biblical scholars today assert that John was _____ the authorof the Fourth Gospel.

9. The Apostolic Christians became accepted as “__________” believers becausethey were willing to modify their christological ________ in order to conformto the ___________ of the emerging church hierarchy.

10. Which group brought with them the belief that Mary Magdalene was thebeloved disciple?

The Secessionists

11. In which stage is Mary Magdalene held in high regard and known to bethe companion of Jesus?

12. What period of time comprises the second stage?

13. In what stage to we see the suppression of the leading role of Mary Magdalenein favor of a male slanted view?

14. When were the Nag Hammadi documents found?

15. According to the author, what is the most likely reason that Mary Magdalenewas not named as the author of the Fourth Gospel?

16. T/F There are structural inconsistencies in the scriptures when MaryMagdalene is mentioned in the same time and place as the “Beloved Disciple”.

17. To which other figure is the Beloved Disciple often contrasted?

18. Who did the Catholic Church honor with the title apostola apostolorumwhich means “the apostle to the apostles”?

19. T/F There are many accurate references in the Fourth Gospel to Holy Landplaces and customs which denote eyewitness authorship by someone who livedin the Holy Land before the destruction of the Temple in A.D. 70.

20. What do you think of the idea that Mary Magdalene might have authoredthe Forth Gospel? No right or wrong answers here. Be brief.

Questions by Archdiakonissa Magdala-Sophia A.K.A. MaryEllen(Mariyel)