Read Part 1, pages 25 to 41.  This is the entire text of the manuscriptnow known as the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.  Try to read it all straightthru in one sitting.  Imagine Mary Magdalene writing it.  Lookat the strange shaped coptic letters and think how she might have learnedthat language.  Of course it could have been written in Greek by herand then translated to Egyptian (Coptic) very early on.  Or maybe shecouldn’t read and write (?) and dictated it to a Coptic scholar during herstay in Alexandria, Egypt.  Some say she even gave birth to Sarah, Yeshua’sdaughter, in Alexandria after the Resurrection before traveling to Francein that famous rudderless boat in 42 A.D. (See picture of boat and MM aboutto leave for France on this page).

  There are no questions for this section, just the reading assignment.If you would like to opine on the above thoughts, feel free.

Mary Magdalene by El Greco, 1576. Here she is with her other two trademark”tokens” — the book and skull (the alabaster jar is her main token inart).
Mary Magdalene by El Greco with her other trademarks-- the book and skull. 1576