Mary Magdalene having a vision. Too bad they insist on showing the token naked breast. But we must understand this painting was made in the days everyone believed MM was a cave dwelling naked penitent

Pictured at left is Mary Magdalene having a vision or speaking to the Divine. This was painted in the days when everyone believed the nonsense abouta childless MM living naked in a cave til the end of her days — so the paintershowed a token naked breast.  We can handle it, though.  The lookon her face is worth it as she communes with her Beloved, perhaps after hisAscension.  Some gnostic texts argue that Yeshua remained with her elevenyears after the resurrection and I like to think they ascended to heaventogether at the end of that time, perhaps after seeing their daughter (and/or other children) safely grown and housed.

Gospel of Mary Magdalene Lesson 7: Page Ten of the Manuscript

Read pages 106-128 in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Copy and paste the followingquestions, answer them, then send in a new e-mail to theAbbeyCouncil with the followingsubject line: GMM 7 from _____________ (your magikal name).

1. What are the three stages of Mary Magdalene’s evolution?

2. Making use of the canonical Gospels, Mary Magdalene is considered a_____________ ______________ at work in ______ human beings.

3. What are logismoi?

4. The most useful thing for us to know is the _________ of our __________________.

5. What frees Mary Magdalene from the powers that are said to have inhabitedher?

6. What can be born from contemplation?

7. Why is MM called the apostle of the apostles?

8. Through the process of _____________ Mary Magdalene ultimately becomesthe __________ wedded to the ________, the _____________ of ____________.

9. Why is vision sometimes seen as more important than hearing, whre spiritualthings are concerned?

10. The __________ is the treasure, an ________ _________ that he already___________ by nature, and what must also be _____________.

11. What is the excluded middle of our dualism?

12. The human being is a composite of what four things (English and Greekboth)?

13. What is the most important region in figures 4 and 5 (pages 122-123)?

14. Humans who become Anthropos are able to _________ ___________ all ofthe _____________ written in their __________ ____________, plus those grantedby the ___________ of their ____________.

15. When Yeshua told Mary Magdalene not to detain him through touch (John20:17), what did he mean?

Essay: Read question no. 15, and your answer, again. In light of the paintingsdiscussed in the postulant lessons and the first degree of this order, howdo you look at the “Noli Me Tangere” vignettes now? Has LeLoup’s viewpointaltered how you view these paintings?

Questions by Diakonissa Deborah