Read pages 137-152 of The Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Copy and paste the followingquestions to a new e-mail, answer them, then send to theAbbeyCouncil with the followingsubject line: GMM 9 from __________ (your magikal name).

1. What trail connects the soul after leaving the climate of Ignorance?

2. When the __________ does not accept the _________ of its own activity,it becomes like the ________ who wants to be an __________.

3. What climate then engulfs the soul?

4. The fourth climate, containing seven levels, is called _________.

5. What do we risk if we can recognize nothing positive in the negativemanifestation of being?

6. When does YHVH become jealous?

7. What is lethal jealousy?

8. Why is jealousy fundamentally murderous?

9. List the 7 manifestations of the fourth climate (pages 138, 143).

10. Before encountering the true Sophia we must meet and unmask ____________________.

11. What does the wisdom of the cross symbolize?

12. What is the center of the wisdom of the cross?

13. T/F The psychic man can be neither judged nor understood by any person.

14. What is the end result of the soul of the person whose spirit has beenawakened to the Spirit of God?

Questions by Diakonissa Deborah