Lesson 10:  Page Seventeen of the Manuscript

Read pages 152-165 in The Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Copy and paste the questionsbelow to a new e-mail, answer them, then send to theAbbeyCouncil with the followingsubject line: GMM 10 from _______ (your magikal name).

1. A better world requires a better _______________.

2. What is kairos?

3. What is the etymological root of Shabbat?

4. What did ancient traditions call silence?

5. How can we come close to the essential?

6. The words and images of parables will be ____________ according to the_________ of _____________ of the person.

7. Why are some spiritually blind and deaf?

8. T/F After the Resurrection, Yeshua must be contacted through unaccustomedorgans of perception.

9. Before we can become truly _____________ beings, we must accept ourselvesas ____________________ creatures with a ___________ and a ___________.

Essay: “Must we change our customs?” Answer Andrew’s question briefly.

Questions by Diakonissa Deborah