See Mary Magdalene performing healing miracles in France. This 1656 Frenchpainting by Philippe de Champaigne, is calledThe Miraclesof the Penitent Saint Mary Magdalene.

The painting below is God the Father in Glory with Mary Magdalene and St.Catherine of Sienna by Fra Bartolommeo, 1509.

God the Father in Glory, Mary Magdalene and St. Catherine of Sienna by Fra Bartolommeo, 1509

Lesson 11: Page Eighteen of the Manuscript

Read pages 165-176 of The Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Copy and paste the followingquestions to a new e-mail, answer them, then send to theAbbeyCouncil with the followingsubject line: GMM 11 from _____________ (your magikal name).

1.  Mary Magdalene addresses Peter as a ____________ and _____________.

2.  What does “consolus” mean?

3.  Above all, what accompanies the image of the Teacher?

4.  T/F  The world of the imaginal is not as real as visible reality.

5.  What is the duality that is ubiquitous in ordinary humanity?

6.  What does “teshuva” mean?

7.  If we allow him to ___________ in the ___________ of our life,______________ and ______________ ___________ in us, we will be ________________by his Spirit toward our ________________ and _________________.

8.   What is anastasis?

Essay: Comment briefly on what you learned through this book.

Questions by Diakonissa Deborah