Read pages 60-80 of The Gospel of Mary Magdalene having to do with page Eightof the manuscript. Copy and paste the following questions to a new e-mail,answer them, then send to theAbbeyCouncil with the subjectline:  GMM 5 from _______________ (your magikal name).

1.  What is the sickness of the heart and mind?

2.  What is the sickness of the desire?

3.  What does Yeshua mean by the word “attachment”?

4.  It is not our ________ __________ to ____________ ourselves to thatwhich we know to be ______________ and ___________________.

5.  ___________________ and ____________ against nature only add____________-_________________ to our __________-_________________.

6.  T/F  We were created to possess.

7.  What does entering into resonance with the world require?

8.  How does one come into harmony with one’s enemies?

9.  Before trying to ____________ with the world and with others, itis surely necessary to be in harmony with ____________.

10. What are we to do if we are out of balance?

11. What is the delight and fulfillment of the body? The soul? The spirit?

12.  Peace is, first of all, ____________.

13.  What word in Hebrew means to wish that someone dwell in wholeness?

14. T/F  Peace is dependent upon an external reality.

15.  It is when we become _________ ourselves that we have the possibilityto be both _________ __________ and __________ _________ in the ___________and ___________ of that which the ancients called the ____________________of ________________.

16. What two-word phrase can be used to replace the word “blessed” in theBeatitudes?

Exercise:  Study the diagram on page 74. Is there anything that strikesyou about this pattern?

Essay:  What do you think of the idea of replacing the word “blessed”in the Beatitudes with the phrase “walk forth”? How does this change themeaning for you? See Matthew 5.

Questions by Deborah Diakonissa