Mary Magdalene teaching the students of Jesus, the apostles and disciples

On this page of the manuscript, Mary Magdalene begins to speak to theDisciples.MM and the Disciples modern icon by Conception Orthodox Abbey

Here are two icons depicting the famous scene where Magdala earns her “Apostleto the Apostles” title.

Notice in the original icon pictured left, MM’s headdress is blue — thecolor of divinity, while her gown is still red, the color of the flesh. Also intriguing are the symbols on her red outer robe in the icon atleft.

Lesson 6: Page Nine of the Manuscript

Read pages 80-105 in The Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Copy and paste the followingquestions, answer them, then send in a new e-mail to theAbbeyCouncil with the followingsubject line: GMM 6 from _____________ (your magikal name).

!. What does the word “horos” mean?

2. Is the law of the kingdom inward or outward?

3. The Law is not just a collection of ___________ and __________________,it is an __________________ and a __________ of _____________.

4. What law had Yeshua witnessed?

5. What is the role of the external law?

6. What do we need for our growth?

7. What does living (not just following) the law require?

8. What happens to us when we deny and refuse our parents human respect?

9. T/F It is possible to kill through words, looks, and thoughts.

10. What is the original meaning of adultery?

11. What is metanoia?

12. What does it mean to stop lying?

13. T/F The teaching of the greatest commandment is that you “must”love.

14. What affected the motivation of the disciples?

15. Of what is Mary Magdalene the midwife?

16. What do sadness and doubt imply?

17. What is dipsukia? Aplotes?

18. What is something we can do to allow the peace of God to grow in us?

19. T/F Being fully human includes integrating the complementary gender.

20. What was necessary for Yeshua to become the archetype of synthesis?

Essay:  How does changing the Ten Commandments to a positive expression(“you may” instead of “you shall”) change your attitude toward them?

Questions by Diakonissa Deborah