Personal note from Deborah Diakonissa:  I found certain statements inthis article very freeing; I hope folks will take this information to heartand not be put off by the “this is the answer to all the problems in theuniverse” thing.

After reading the article,MakingLove, Sexual Love, the Divine Way answer the following questions,sending your answers to theAbbeyCouncil with the subjectline, “Making Love BridalChamber answers”.

1. What is the cause of most of the unhappiness on earth?

2. What is woman’s basic unhappiness?

3. What is man’s basic unhappiness?

4. What does a man need to do to be a fully integrated male?

5. What is man’s only true authority over woman?

6. Is sexual excitation love?

7. What is the male shadow in woman?

8. In love there is no ________________.

9. What is the solution for woman?

10. What does this mean?

Essay: After reading this article, doyou agree with the premise that the unhappiness on earth is created by notknowing how to really make love? Why or why not?

Deborah Diakonissa answers thisquestion:  It seemed simplistic at first, but I thinkhe might be on to something here. I have long felt that the reason for thesexual revolution in the ’60’s was a result of the earth’s crying out forfruitfulness after the nuclear testing done underground and underwater inthe ’50’s and early 60’s–as if the earth needed to replenish herself afterthe contamination. But perhaps it goes even earlier and deeper than that–earthis losing fertility because we don’t know how to get in touch with the femaledivine and integrate ourselves.

Diakonissa Priestess Guyon answers thus: I do believe the article makes some good points, but I do notbelieve it would solve all problems on earth. Unhappiness in people is notjust because of the lack of true love, but it does play a huge part of individualpeople being unhappy. There are people that true love won’t keep from beinglousy or evil people.

Exercise: Awareness is the first steptoward freedom. Write down in your journal areas where you need to know yourself,areas where you need to learn how to love. Then add some ideas as to howto do this–tools you can use, a plan to begin actually working on theseareas of deficiency. Be sure to begin doing the exercise in the Bridal ChamberRites lesson; this will help you to integrate spirit, soul, and body, andto discover the divine masculine and feminine (both!) within yourself.

Questions by Diakonissa Deborah