Read Chapter 2 of Magdalene’s Lost Legacy, The Canon of Number (pages19-36). Copy and paste the following questions to a new e-mail, answer them,then send to the Abbey Councilwith the following subject line: MLL 2 from _________ (your magikal name).

1. What is sacred geometry?

2. Why were temples constructed with careful attention to measurement andratios?

3. What is syncretism?

4. T/F Christianity is a pure religion, not mixed with pagan beliefs.

5. The intricate system of pagan theology included a canon of _______________________.

6. What is the basic building block of the universe, according to the Greeks?

7. What was probably the first symbol used by the ancients?

8. What number is associated with the sacred feminine?

9. What does 7 mean in Hebrew law and Scriptures?

10. What year is a jubilee year?

11. What are two other meanings of seven?

12. How many circles are in the Seed of Life mandala?

13. What number is associated with matter and the physical world?

14. What is one theory of the meaning of the standing stones?

15. What is the basic circumference of Stonehenge?

16. What ritual is commemorated in aligning temples to the rays of the sun?

17. What is a Druid’s cord?

18. T/F The measurements of the tabernacle of Moses encoded secrets of geometry.

19. The phrase “milk and honey” conveys the ___________ spirit of _________________________, _______________ , and ________-___________ in the language ofsymbol.

20. What insects were totems for goddesses in the ancient world?

21. To what goddesses is the number six sacred?

22. What Greek philosopher espoused the symbolic significance of number?

Questions by Deborah Diakonissa