Read pages 37-51 in Magdalene’s Lost Legacy:  Sacred Numbers& the New Testament.  Copy and paste the following questions toa new e-mail, answer them, then send to theAbbey Council with the followingsubject line: MLL 3 from _________ (your magikal name).

1.  T/F  The New Testament was coded to reveal important secretknowledge.

2.  From what word is gematria derived?

3.  How are gematria coded?

4.  What is the colel?

5.  T/F  Zeroes representing multiples of 10 alter the symbolicvalue of the measurement.

6.  Is gematria practied in Hebrew?

7.  What number was considered most holy by the ancients?

8.  Give two examples of threes in religion?

9.  Nine represents what?

10.  What bird was associated with Venus/Aphrodite and Sophia?

11.  What two things does Starbird mention that have a gematria of 801?

12.  What does 8 mean?

13.  444 was sacred for being the numerical equivalent of what?

14.  T/F  Spellings were sometimes changed to reflect the numericalvalues of their attributes.

15.  What is the numerical connection between 7 and 12?

16.  The square root of 3 is associated with what symbol?

17.  John’s Gospel is apparently alluding to the foundation of a new___________ for the _________ of ___________ of which __________ is the Wayand the apostles are the _____________ who gather the ____________ into theChristian _______________.

Essay: How could gematria help restore balance to the earth?

Questions by Deborah Diakonissa