Read Chapter Four in Magdalene’s Lost Legacy (pages 52-65). Copy and pastethe following questions to a new e-mail, answer them, then send to theAbbey Council with the followingsubject line: MLL 4 from _________ (your magikal name).

1. In what type of Greek was the New Testament written?

2. What types of things did the Church Fathers study?

3. What kinds of words were more likely to use gematria?

4. T/F Jesus was a simple carpenter, not a designer.

5. To what does the number 666 refer?

6. T/F The male solar principle needs to be complemented with the feminineprinciple or it will become destructive.

7. Is the ruach, or Holy Spirit, male or female?

8. What does the number 1746 represent? List at least 3 things. (You mayfind additional representations later in the chapter.)

9. What does the “squaring of the circle” mean?

10. T/F Scorning the female archetype has enormous consequences for our planet.

11. Who is Yahweh’s bride?

12. What schools were the repository of scholarship and mystical lore intothe Christian era?

13. What number represents the World Soul?

Questions by Deborah Diakonissa