Read Chapter 6 of Magdalene’s Lost Legacy (pages 84-96). Copy and paste thefollowing questions to a new e-mail, answer them, then send to theAbbey Council with the followingsubject line: MLL 6 from __________ (your magikal name).

1. By what name is the author of the book of Revelation known?

2. What does the word apocalypse mean?

3. T/F The Apocalypse of John is a rare example of this genre.

4. Name two other books of this genre popular in the first century CE.

5. T/F The Book of Revelation gives an accurate view of history.

6. What happened, in terms of the Roman laws, when the Jews and Christiansparted ways?

7. What was the main antagonism between the Jews and the Christians?

8. What are pericopes?

9. What is shown by the differences in the gospel accounts?

10. What is Christology?

11. The closer one remained to __________ roots, the less likely one wasto share the __________ _________________ of the so-called _____________________________.

12. Which type of Christology does the author of Revelation espouse?

13. Were John the Evangelist and John the Divine the same person?

14. To what psalm does Revelation 1:4 allude?

15. Is Jesus referred to as God in the book of Revelation?

16. The whole __________ of the Apocalypse is an apparent attempt to articulatethe __________ ____________ and ______________ of Jesus–Jewish __________,___________, and _________–and to warn of the ___________ of elevating the______________ ___________ __________ to ______________ with the unseen God”behind the veil”.

17. What were the two greatest threats to the Christian church of the firstcentury?

18. What is the Docetic heresy?

Questions by Deborah Diakonissa