Read Chapter 8: The Turning of the Age, pages 112-120

Copy and paste the following questions, answer them, and send them in a newe-mail to the Abbey Council withthe following subject line:  MLL 8 from ______________ (your magikalname).

1. Why was interest in astrology strong in Jesus’s time?

2. What does ICHTHYS mean, in reference to Jesus?

3. What religion represented the age of Aries?

4. What did John the Baptist call Jesus?

5. What does “888” represent?

6. T/F Jesus’ lifetime saw many fears of the end of the world.

7. The New Testament phrases that tie in to _________ __________ of the ________________________ __________ seem to have been deliberately coined to adaptthe __________ ___________ martyr Jesus to the framework of _______________________ _____________ in the Meditteranean region.

8. What make sup the synthesis of Christianity?

9. What is the difference between high and low Christology, in layman’s terms?

Questions by Deborah Diakonissa