Order of Nazorean Essenes & Mary Magdalene

Archdiakonissa Magdala-Sophia A.K.A. MaryEllen (Mariyel) writes: I really enjoyed this different look at Mary Magdalene’s legend and thought it would make a good reading and question lesson. So she wrote the lesson questions below. Katia says, I too have enjoyed reading the pages of this  “essene” website over the years.  One word of caution: I sense a hint of anti-semitism (Jew-hatred) in their themes, especially if you dig deeper into their study program. Their strict vegetarianism is a bit daunting, too.

Please read the article, then answer the questions below.  Send your answers to the School.

Mary Magdalene by He Qi of China 2001
Mary Magdalene by He Qi of China 2001, Archdiakonissa Magdala-Sophia says: “Notice the Jar and the various shades of green. There is also the hint of red in her hair. Picasso has nothing on this artist.”

1.  What do the Nazorean Essenes call Mary Magdalene?

2.  T/F The Nazorean Essenes believed in a female Messiah.

3.  __________  –  __________ incarnated many times and inmany places both ________ and  ________  her incarnation with _______ two thousand years ago.

4.  What was the seat of one of the twenty-four priestly divisions ofthe Jewish religion?

5.  T/F Magdala was a town of Gnostics Nazoreans only.

6.  Migdal abba’aya means _________  ___  ____  ________’

7.  T/F In Galilee, the Nazoreans and Jews lived in harmony.

8.  The _________ would have been wealthier and engaged in the fishand wool dying trades, going to Synagogue on the seventh day of the week.

9.  T/F The Nazoreans ate meat and fish.

10.  How did Miryai anger her father?

11.  Miryai, rejecting the “_____  _______  ________ _______  ___  ____”, sought refuge in the Nazoreans _________ ___  ______ where both men and woman wore ______ clothing and_______________, and studied Nazorean scrolls together.

12.  T/F The Nazoreans were adulterers and had loose moral values.

13.  Did Mary Magdalene convert to Nazoreanism because she loved Yeshua?Why or why not?

14.  According to the Nazoreans, what might be an alternative reasonfor the crucifixion? [Katia inserts: Remember, this is the Nazoreantake, not our Order of Mary Magdala’s. Nazoreanism is a bit far-fetched forour liking, even though admittedly we have some far-fetched beliefs,too!]

15.  The Wadi Esiah canyon was located on the slope of, where?

16.  Who was the Nazorean’s greatest heavenly Goddess?

17.  Who did Mary Magdalene succeed as leader of the Nazoreans?

18.  Give three other names by which Miryai is called (there are atleast 5).

19.  In Naziruthian doctrine there are two types of light. What arethey?

20.  T/F Nazoreans believe that the Jesus and Mary Magdalene of theBible brightly reflect the historical personalities behind those names whowere celestial beings who incarnated in that day.


What did you think of these ideas and beliefs?